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The word ‘club’ has various connotations; in India, the ‘various’ has one certain definition and rest all might be taken ‘as per the atmosphere’. However, what about book clubs? How can a book club function? What might be the possible benefits of having a membership of some book club? Can it ever happen? Why would someone bother running a book club? How the hell he or she or they will manage the expenses? Etc – etc – etc and various other questions are always there once we start thinking about the very existence of a book club in India. Yet, there are many. Today, we will consider the possible advantages of becoming a member of book clubs and running the same.

Youths like hanging out with friends and young people like hanging out with their loved ones. Where will a literature lover go? Where will a lover of Darcy or a moonstruck lover of Shakespeare’s Dark Lady go? For them, there are book clubs where people sit and talk about books and books only. Isn’t that a good idea?

Books are the best company one might have! We all know this proverb for many years. What about having a company of people who love having books as their companions? That’s just fantastic and that’s why book clubs should be there. If you can find some good book clubs on the internet, contact the owners or the runners of the club and get yourself a membership. You can contact India Book Club for the same. Otherwise, what’s a big deal in creating a book club by yourself and adding members to it?

Call some of your friends on some evening and talk about the idea of a book club. The readers who will be interested in your idea will surely join your group and you guys are good to rock! Call the meetings every week or once in a month or even once in a two month. You will see your reading society getting developed and growing fast. There are the readers in the world who want a good company of serious readers and they will be joining your club for sure.

If you need support or guidance, you can always contact the India Book Club and they will offer your support in this regard. India Book Club is a chain of book clubs in various cities and you can join them to start a book club in your own society – and all this costs nothing! Let’s get to the list of better and serious readers now. Below is the link to India Book Club’s website:

India Book Club

by a contributor to LN