2018 Nobel Prize for Literature in doubts? Update

The sex scandal and allegations and crisis… the ugly chapter in the book of Nobel Prize for Literature isn’t ending any sooner and the hints are coming in the Swedish media that the committee may be mulling its decision to postpone the Literature Prize sine-die! This news comes as a shock for the literature lovers across the world who wait every year to get introduced to many talented practitioners of the literary art.

According to the reports by Swedish Radio, the Swedish Academy may postpone the Nobel Prize for Literature for the year 2018. However, there are also different versions coming in the media and the members of the committee who were a part of the meeting held on this motion, are coming out with differences in their opinions. Some people from the Academy are saying that the Prize may be delayed or even cancelled; while others are firm that everything will go as per plan even amidst this crisis which is rocking the world of literature right now.

A brief of what transpired:

Jean-Claude Arnault has been alleged to have sexually harassed 18 different women. It is to be kept in mind that Jean-Claude is the husband of a prominent member of the Nobel Prize for Literature committee and literary figure, Katarina Frostenson. Resignations followed and the crisis hit the literary section of the academy and the clouds of doubt engulfed the 2018 Nobel Prize for Literature.


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The way ahead is uncertain and we will keep tracking the story as it progresses. We at Literature News hope that nothing goes in a way which brings disappointment to the literature lovers. There must be an investigation and the allegations should be probed and the culprits must be brought to the books of the law and the justice should be exercised.


by an LN contributor