India Book Club – where readers engage

India Book Club seems rather new as a concept to the coming age people who think seldom of reading books in a community and exchanging their ideas with other readers. However, there are the people who are making it possible on a pan-India scale – uniting readers from different parts of the country and giving them a platform to do something better, together. It certainly took time for them to catch the momentum but once fired, the ambitious journey has started, finally. A book club for the Indian readers who believe in the usefulness of collective reading and sharing their thoughts on what they read. India Book Club is all about readers, for the readers and by the readers – it is about them who wish to get something out of their time they invest in reading a book.

Right now, the famous discussions on India Book Club are about the contemporary Indian authors, best books the readers have read, Shakespeare (of course) and novels and many other things. It has also a corner where UPSC aspirants can share the best books they find for the preparations. Another interesting thing that I found on the website is it has a section for the special books – literature published on human rights, animal rights and other issues which affect the society directly.

Initiatives like India Book Club are very important in today’s modern world because we do need some space for creativity, literature and exchanges which are progressive and adding. You can also participate in the club’s discussion and you can also bring the book club near you by becoming one of their members and organising a book club of your own. IBC will provide you with all the assistance and other things required for the same. The club also organises book giveaways on mass scale time to time. The members can take advantage of many other things that the club offers.

Reach India Book Club here – https://indiabookclub.in/

by a regular correspondent for LN, Internet Literature series