Ashvamegh Magazine notifies a special issue on 12 January 2020!

Ashvamegh Magazine, an international publication in English Literature & creative writing, has notified to its subscribers and readers and also the contributors that a very special issue, almost after a year, will be live on 12 January 2020, on the occasion of its completion of the fifth year – Ashvamegh was launched on 12 January 2015. We were notified through an email about this confirmation from the magazine digital team. 

Since its launch in 2015, Ashvamegh has been publishing research articles, poetry by famous and emerging poets, short stories and also essays and book reviews. Established by Alok Mishra, a well-known poet and author of two books, Ashvamegh Magazine has achieved recognition in a very short span of time. However, due to a few issues, technical and otherwise, the magazine was not publishing is monthly issues for many months. The confirmation of its getting into the groove again has sent a relieving signal to its regular readers who read it from different parts of the world. Readers of this literary magazine are anticipating a special issue with quality contributions from accomplished as well as emerging figures in the field of English literature and also some good quality articles and essays. 

The staff from Ashvamegh has also notified us that the magazine has spread its wings and joined the fraternity of publishers in India. Ashavamegh has launched its own publication house – Ashvamegh Publications. This may be the reason behind the absence of the monthly issues of Ashvamegh’s digital editions from its popular website. 

Since the time UGC has notified that only credible and ‘free’ journals will be regarded as valid publications by the research scholars, many students have been looking for a suitable journal to publish their English literature research papers and for them, Ashvamegh may be a very good option given that it comes back into regular publication once again. It is a monthly magazine that publishes only online or electronic editions of its issues. You can read the contributions on their official website. Here is the link: English Literature Magazine


by feature writer for Literature News