NET English Literature Syllabus Changed – 2019

UGC has recently made changes to the syllabuses of almost every subject for the NET examination. Recently, NTE has started organising the NET examinations all over India. NET examination, an acronym for National Eligibility Test, is the gateway to becoming a professor. The recent announcement of changed syllabuses has created a sense of confusion among many students. Today, I will be writing about the recent changes that have been made to the English Literature syllabus for NET examination.

Previously, the syllabus on which basis the examination was supposedly conducted had not any limitations about it. It was wide and infinite. Even with the changed scenario, there is no certainty attached to it. It has just come with a format of the traditional way of deceiving – old wine in a new bottle! Students will have to study everything that qualifies as English literature – poetry, drama, novel, prose, and short stories. Moreover, cultural studies have been officially added to the new syllabus. The questions were already being asked from this section but the formal announcement has just confirmed that aspirants will have to be experts in the knowledge of the English society.

Moreover, the addition of Pedagogy of the English language has also made sure that the students will have to focus on teaching of English not only in India but globally. The newer sections which have been added to the changed and updated structure of examination can be understood better by reading this very helpful article published by English Literature Education:

NET English Literature Syllabus Changed – 2019

The students who are preparing for the coming NET examinations should start their preparations according to the updated syllabuses so that they are aware and synchronised. There are many assumptions and misconceptions about the updated literature syllabus. One should remain in touch with the experts and groups so that no mistakes are made while preparing or making plans for the preparations.

I have always advocated for examination of NET in a subjective format along with the objective format. It will make sure that the writing skills of students are tested as well as their memory. Though the updated syllabus does talk about testing the writing skills of an examinee, I am not sure how can someone do that in an objective format!

Well, the students should remain focused and updated with the recent happenings in the UGC so that they are even closer to qualifying in the NET examination and moving ahead in the direction of achieving their goals of becoming lecturers. I advise joining literature forums and make active friend circles. Discussions and interactions will certainly help more. All the best!

by Sumit for Literature News