Ratan N. Tata: The Authorized Biography – hitting stores in November 2022

The season of biographies never gets old. Every year biographies get released and readers have an opportunity to know the details (unknown hitherto) about celebrities from various walks of life. 2022 is not going to be an exception. There are many high-profile biographies lined up for the year. However, the biggest news comes from HarperCollins India. The first (mark the word) authorised biography of Sri Ratan Tata, iconic business leader, youth icon and visionary industrialist, Ratan N. Tata: The Authorized Biography, will be released by the said publisher towards the end of 2022, November to be precise. 

It has come to light that this authorised biography will be penned by a retired IAS officer, Dr Thomas Matthew. This biography is expected to take the book world by storm and that’s why the deal for the rights of this book has been sealed by the publisher in Rs 2 crore. 

Ratan Tata’s biography will not only offer the readers insights into the key decisions that the benevolent industrialist has taken over decades but will also throw light on many hidden stories related to the life of Ratan Tata. The author, Dr Thomas Matthew, is excited as well as anxious about the project. He is excited that he will get to meet and converse with the author on a regular basis and enjoy the first-hand account of many things that the world always wanted to know about Ratan Tata. His childhood, college life, years as a student, and the early years as a leading figure in the family business. 

Readers will have to wait for a year, almost, and they will get their hands on this coveted ‘authorised’ biography of iconic Ratan Tata. In the meanwhile, there are many new books already in the market and there will be many ones coming up in the upcoming months. Before you get to lay your hands on Tata’s biography, you can keep yourself busy with many others books around the corner. 

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