Gita Press records record sale in 2021 – Hindu religious & spiritual literature in demand


Some say religion is our best attempt to tap our shoulders when we are down. Some believe religion to be an advertisement tool for politicians. Some speak badly about religion with many heinous adjectives. However, when it comes to Hinduism (a new term, obviously), Dharma or Dharm, has better meanings, ancient connotations and it cannot be equated with the term religion in any possible way. It is beyond the periphery of any vague term developed with an amalgamation of various languages and several dialects. And that is why the threads of Hinduism are so neatly tied that it still goes on impressing billions. If you don’t believe in thoughts put forth by some random person, you should have a look at the sales figures put by the legendary Gita Press in Gorakhpur.

June 2021: 4.93 crore
July 2021: 6.64 crore
August 2021: 6.31 crore
September 2021: 7.60 crore
October 2021: 8.68 crore
November 2021: 7.15 crore

These are the figures recorded by Gita Press. Books are various – Gita in several languages, Ramayana in several languages, Puranas in several languages and various other religious and spiritual books in Hindi, English, Sanskrit and many other regional languages. And these figures can easily shock and surprise any bestselling author or even publishers around the world. Moreover, it just reinforces the idea that people are holding tight to the pillar of religious and spiritual thoughts erected by Gods, Rishis and Munis over the centuries.

As stated by a website called Sanatan Prabhat (sanatanprabhat.org), the officials at Gita Press Gorakhpur believe that the closure of the Sri Ram Janmbhoomi dispute and the ongoing construction work at the land has increased people’s interest in knowing more about Dharma and its various dimensions. And that is why people are taking more interest in various topics related to Hinduism. And being the only recognised, trustworthy and age-old publisher of religious books, Gita Press certainly feels the increase in their responsibilities to produce more and more copies of the books that they have been doing.

A few months ago, Ravi Kishan, the famous Hindi and Bhojpuri actor and now a member of the Bharatiya Janta Party and MP from Gorakhpur, has visited the legendary religious press and told people through a video that Gita Press does not need any financial aid and it has huge and effective machines capable of printing high volumes of Hindu literature 24 hours a day. The figures stated above are testimony to the fact that Ravi Kishan raised a few months ago.

It is also observed that people have been inclined towards offering books by Gita press to others on the occasion of their birthdays, anniversaries or other occasions.


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