Reading Makes a Good Lover? Research Suggests

Reading makes a good lover literature news

Surprisingly enough, a recent survey by eHarmony (UK based) has revealed that the people who are good readers often make good lovers! This research has just countersigned the fact that reading shapes our personality and most often, it is promising and better only. eHarmony, which happens to be a dating platform, claims that the users who post their reading list on their profile are likely to attract more people of opposite sex than others who don’t. So, the readers are in a win-win situation!

The research data revealed that men who have shown reading books as their interest have received 19 percent more messages than the men who didn’t show reading books as their interest. Same is the condition with women who read; they receive 3 percent more messages than others. Other than getting attention, the bookworms are also more curious when it comes to intellectual talks and that’s why they are likely more open to forming close and long term relationships. The open form of discourses is helpful to decrease the gap between the partners and forming more trust.

However, the website also revealed that just listing the books in plenty does not count. A person has to be literary aware and understand the standard literary hierarchy. If the person just lists more and more books without a proper order, he or she is more likely to be dumped in the bin box of the show-off things!

However, this is just a research based on a very limited range of people and also, it might be done for some ‘other purposes’ as well. We are not trusting this research and we don’t intend to encourage people to do so. Nevertheless, it is accepted as a fact that reading more and more always helps people understanding the world better. Reading is something that we must develop as a habit and pursue it unto the last! Happy reading guys!


by – an LN staff