Top Literature News of the Month: Rounding up September 2020

In this post, you will be taken through the most important, most interesting and must-know news related to literature, from across the world. All these updates feature events of September 2020.

Shakespeare and his habit of being in news: In the latest news from Spain, a very rare edition of Shakespeare’s last play, The Two Noble Kinsmen, a comedy with tragic elements, a tragicomedy, has been found in the philosophy section of a library in the Real Colegio de Escoceses. It was discovered by Dr John Stone from the University of Barcelona.

The JCB Prize for Literature Shortlist: The shortlist for JCB Prize for Literature was announced on 25 September 2020. The shortlist has 5 novelists including Deepa Anappara, Dharini Bhaskar, Annie Zaidi, Samit Basu and S. Hareesh. It seems a women-dominated list this time.

Enjoy the ride of Tram Library in Kolkata: You know where to go when you have a craving for tram rides. Now making it even wonderful experience for book lovers, the authorities have decided to introduce a moving Tram Library that will offer books to the readers in physical format as well as free wifi to read books online in digital format.

Virtual is the new real: Yes, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has introduced us to the world of virtual reality. Yes, even the literary festivals and seminars have gone all-online and events like the forum discussions, book launch, seminar, academic debates… most of the events we know, have gone online like 9 PM primetime shows on news channels.

Revamping the John Knox House: The Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature Trust (EUCL) has decided to offer a contract to a design team, which is worth £2.5 million, to revamp and renew the iconic John Knox house next to the famous Scottish Storytelling Centre. The proposed date before which this revamp needs to finalise is 26 October 2020.

Reading literature can help in easing migraine: According to a report published by Psychology Today (Canada) discusses that reading literature about migraine helps people suffering from this problem. The writer of the article, an English and philosophy professor, argues that reading literature makes one feel less alone and also eases the pain.


We will be back with weekly and monthly round-ups in future as well. All the best!

Literature News Team