Review websites that book lovers must read – a list

Book review websites in India you will love reading

The life of a book lover is wonderful. One constantly seeks new and good books to read. One continuously reads and learns. One enjoys life reading it out… loud, at times! Are you a book lover too? If the answer is yes, you must be interested in reading this article to the last sentence. In a casual day of a book lover’s life, there must be a few minutes that he or she spends browsing book review websites, maybe from India or from other countries. Indian book lovers tend to find out Indian websites because natural affinity for Indian books will be there. However, what we need to highlight is the part of a day that is spent in reading reviews on literary websites. So, what are the websites that Indian book readers are following? What are the websites that they will be interested in following and reading more often? Here is a list of book review websites by popular book bloggers or book critics’ community that a book lover must know:

Indian Book Critics: How on earth anyone can make a list of book-related websites and miss IBC out? Impossible! In India, possibly, Indian Book Critics is one of the leading websites that offers opinions, reviews, literary articles and also occasional interviews with authors. On this platform, a book lover can find book recommendations, book reviews of latest and classic books, frequent opinions on literary issues and all of these articles are written by those who are interested in these things. Unlike many other book platforms in India, which are run by bloggers, this platform is operated by book critics who mostly have a literary background – the guys who are genuinely interested in critiquing and sharing their opinions. So, if you are a true book lover, you must browse this website on a frequent interval to see what’s new is there. Link: Indian Book Critics

The Last Critic: With a traditional look and feel, this website has emerged very quickly. With an interesting style of presenting their opinions about books the reviews at TLC read, The Last Critic should be a regular online space to visit for book lovers. This platform brings new books to the readers with all the pros and cons and suggested reader groups. Moreover, you will also find many other features by them, monthly, bi-annual and also weekly, at times. Though the website is new, compared to many other platforms in this field, The Last Critic has been very active, expressive and vocal on literary topics. Enjoy their articles here: The Last Critic

Egoistic Readers: Just like two platforms mentioned above, Egoistic Readers is also one of the rapidly emerging literary platforms where you can read book reviews of Indian books, books for authors from many different countries and also the reviews and critical opinions on academic books. Egoistic Readers’ reviews tend to be critical, finding the possible high points and low points in the book and also offering a verdict on the book’s usefulness, relevance and general audience ideal for the readership of the book. You will enjoy their content because the book bloggers on Egoistic Readers are quick in producing content, sensible and also critical enough to bring both sides of a book to the readers. Read the articles on this website here: Egoistic Readers

Active Reader: Perhaps a new name, a new entrant and an emerging website for book lovers in India, Active Reader is a platform where you will find no other things but only crispy, engaging and flash-read articles in a perfectly designed for readers style. Read the content on this website without any distraction and learn about latest published books, emerging authors, famous books and also look for their monthly picks in different genres – Active Novel of the month, Active Non-fiction of the month etc. There is too much to read on Active Reader… are you ready? Get to their website: Active Reader – Book Reviews

Featured Books: Well, the name says too much, doesn’t it? Featured Books is a well-designed, well-planned and well-thought platform that offers engaging book reviews, compelling literary opinions and also wonderful picks on frequent opinions that any book lover, literary aware and book enthusiasts in general will like. The writing style of book reviewers for Featured Books is quite interesting. They tend to pick books based on their research and also on the basis of emerging trends in the literary industry in India and the world. Well, they also offer articles with insights on the writing style, literary vision and literary influence of the authors. You will find many interesting pieces to read on their website and you will certainly love it. Go live now and find what you like – Featured Books

There is one more thing that will interest the authors more. All these platforms mentioned above also accept books by authors. So, if you are an author looking to get your book reviewed by influential literary platforms and book reviewers and bloggers in India, you can reach their websites and contact them.

Guys, this was the list for the day and I am sure you will like these platforms if you are a bookworm. There are many others that deserve attention and I will bring more to you very soon. For now, let’s enjoy these wonderful literary spaces online and spend time reading useful things. All the best!


By a contributor for Literature News