Vizag Blue – Anil CS Rao’s latest novel tells a multi-dimensional tale

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Delve into the enigmas of the coastal realm as presented in “VIZAG BLUE,” a riveting literary creation authored by the esteemed comic artist Anil CS Rao. Taking place within the ambience of a summer retreat by the shores near Vizag, this narrative gracefully unfurls the mysterious connection that binds a nurse and her ward, a silent one, propelling them into a realm of divergent actuality. Acknowledged for his artistic accomplishments showcased during the inaugural India Comicon event in the year 2012, Rao’s most recent foray assures an enthralling odyssey through the realms of literature.

Against the tranquil vista of a summer residence nestled by the shores in close proximity to Vizag, this captivating storyline unravels the intricacies of existence for a nurse and her voiceless ward. What initially presents itself as a tranquil and agreeable life gradually evolves into a sequence of distressing incidents. In tandem with the mounting gravity of their encounters, these two individuals discover themselves enmeshed within a realm that diverges significantly from the commonplace. The tale will seldom offer any respite to readers… constantly pushing them into a thrilling and exciting experience masterfully created by Anil CS Rao with the help of his art and literary expertise.

For those with a keen interest in delving further into Rao’s multifaceted artistic odyssey, comprehensive insights regarding his prior endeavours, accolades, and creative prowess can be readily explored on his official website, anilcsrao.com. Through “VIZAG BLUE,” Anil CS Rao extends a warm invitation to readers, encouraging them to submerge themselves within a realm where the ordinary undergoes an extraordinary metamorphosis. This literary opus pledges an indelible expedition and is undoubtedly a requisite addition to the reading list of those in pursuit of a distinctive literary sojourn.

For readers who are interested in knowing more about the novel and looking forward to reading it, let me assure you that “VIZAG BLUE” transcends its role as a mere narrative, evolving into a bona fide visual masterpiece. Rao’s graphic novel seamlessly harmonizes captivating narration with arresting visual artistry, endowing readers with an immersive and aesthetically resplendent odyssey. It will prove to be an experience like never before because Anil CS Rao is known for creating stories that offer more than what’s in the popular trend.

“VIZAG BLUE” will prove to be a comic decorated with some of the best examples of literary craft inviting readers on a journey like never before. You can read more of Anil’s novel by getting your copies from Amazon India. Follow the link below:

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