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Ananda Karunesh author

When everything looks suspicious because we get across suspicious salesmen trying to sell us various kinds of things over the phone, on TV or by forcefully entering our latched rooms, can you believe an author who claims that whatever he has written in his debut book, A Thousand Seeds of Joy, is directly in conversation with the two Goddesses – Lakshmi and Saraswati? Well, there are many atheists in the world today who won’t consider this thing beyond a casual consideration, there are the people who believe in the God-System but even for them (me including), believing such a claim can be more than simply difficult. However, I will narrate my experience with Ananda Karunesh – the author of A Thousand Seeds of Joy.

I will write the book review later because today I would like to discuss the author only. Ananda Karunesh is an Indian who lives in the USA for his work, as a professor, and earning. According to himself, he realised the first awakening, what he calls Zen awakening, at 19 and then he entered into the world beyond human perception in the ordinary day. Now in the world of spiritualism for more than 35 years, Ananda Karunesh has come up with a book in which he has written the conversation that he had with the Goddesses, Lakshmi and Saraswati namely.

Believing this thing might be a little sketchy but after reading the book, you can be certain that such thoughts and this flow of free-ideas can only descend from some authoritative position which is highly impossible for human perception. Ananda’s writing claims many things which we humans cannot think amidst our usual activities going on and on and on.

In the world of Spiritual writing, Ananda Karunesh’s edition is certainly wonderful because his Neo-concepts and retrospective perspectives on much what we already know are quite surprising and somewhat unorthodox. A Thousand Seeds of Joy is only a precedent that he has established and it will be followed by many other books of same nature and with even more intensity. Ananda believes that one just needs to open the higher chakras to connect with the divine beings. Answering a question on ways to connect with Gods as he does, he says:

“Meditation does not guarantee that one will connect, and not knowing how to meditate does not mean that one cannot connect with divine beings. If one is blessed with the gift of “open” higher chakras, then one can connect even without totally silencing the mind. However, one has to be careful when one’s higher chakras are open and the ego is not dissolved fully. Such a person can get in trouble trying to connect with Gods and Goddesses. Remember, not all non-physical beings are “divine” and a person with too much ego can get confused easily as the ego has a blinding effect on one’s mind. This was the main problem with Ravana who was a highly realized being with open higher chakras, but he had a big ego. The same problem occurred with Devadatta, the highly psychic cousin of Buddha who tried to kill Buddha many times. So a psychic person with an ego could easily confuse his or her own voice with that of a divine being without consciously realizing it.”

Ananda is available on social media platforms for public queries and responses. You can also connect with him and ask him your questions directly. I will be writing a book review of A Thousand Seeds of Joy very soon.

article by Ravi for Literature News, writers’ desk

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