Dr Prathima writes about little things with big impact in her book Insignificant Me

Dr Prathima K author Insignificant Me book writer Literature News

Reading about things we don’t know is always interesting. Dinosaurs, Pyramids, Legends, Epics, unknown realms of history, or some fantasy island with a prince and princess – books can take us to places we imagine. However, how about reading about common things? How do you feel when you read about everyday chores, office, bank, housekeeping, relatives, kitchen and other things that are around us? Many authors are writing about the unknown. And some care to write about everyday life and introduce us to the ignored facets of our day to day world. Dr Prathima’s book, Insignificant Me, does the same. And this author has taken her writing to a level where she can transform her experiences into everyone’s experiences and compel the readers to think in a certain direction.

However, we will not talk about the book today. We will rather talk about the author in this article because Dr Prathima is the person of interest today… about her book, many readers and many critics have said many things already. You can find opinions about the book on platforms like Amazon and Goodreads. However, about the author, very few have tried to measure her writing skills in terms of language, narrative and choice of topics and themes. I will be doing the same in this article.

As soon as you start reading the book, you will notice that Dr Prathima, the author, appeals to the readers to read the book completely… no matter how much time one would like to invest in the book – there are 12 chapters and the author requests the readers to go one by one, in any order, or even one in a month. It shows that the author understands that readers might be coming from different ages and interest groups. Some would like to savour the 12 stories, all at once. However, there might be readers who don’t have so much time to spare on books and they might take a little time to get across. The author understands the readers.

Dr Prathima’s writing style is simple. She gathers facts, churns them, prepares them to be served in proper words and delivers them to her readers. In the process, nothing is lost, and nothing more is added. Only a little polishing (linguistic) and the content is ready to consume. And readers will notice that these facts are not rare but ignored. Reading about things that we often ignore has its own pleasure. And this pleasure is brought in the form of a household book by this author. She writes about food, she writes about relationships, she writes about family and friends, and she writes about motivation and its value in life. All these things come from an observation of things scattered around us – apparently visible or left oblivious.

She has also noted down her experiences as a doctor during the COVID peak days. You can read it in the article titled Online. There are things about Goddesses in the article Science and Spirituality. There are random thoughts of the author scattered here and there in the book. And randomness defines us today. And that is why I am sure readers are going to read this book with enthusiasm. Believe me. We want to know the thoughts that we miss to capture. We want to re-experience the experiences by reading them when shared by someone else. We want to know the value of things that we ignore when someone else points that out. Don’t we? And this is what Dr Prathima brings to the table as an author for common experiences and common things… for the common readers.


Written by Alka for Literature News