Harjeet Khanduja – the R. K. Lakshman of Business Decodes the Cryptic Concepts of Leadership & Decision-making for many

Harjeet Khanduja R K Lakshman of Business India books author

It is wonderful to find authors among you who can understand the exact needs of the readers they are writing for. Though it has become a rare occurrence these days. You will seldom find authors (in considerable numbers) who can perceive the exact needs of their audience and produce the literature intended to serve the required purpose. However, when you find it, I reiterate, it is a wonderful sight to behold. Such a finding is Harjeet Khanduja, the vice president of HR at Reliance Jio, who has written two books for those who are interested in business, entrepreneurship, leadership, and becoming the leaders of the industry tomorrow. His latest book, How Leaders Decide has impressed readers, critics and leaders alike. It bears a foreword by Harsh Goenka. His earlier book, Nothing About Business, has impressed management students, aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders of tomorrow. He also writes poetry and has published a work titled Tuktuk ki Rail.

Harjeet Khanduja is a multi-talented writer who can write serious business books and also humorous poetry books. He can make people understand the complex theories of business in a convenient manner and also convey the complex thoughts related to life in a light-mannered verse. He has delivered many TEDx talks on HR, Management, Leadership, Business, Telecom Industry and other topics. He has appeared many times on the stages where poets read their verses to entertain, enlighten and please the audience. He has been invited on many occasions to many IIMS, leading management institutes and other institutes in India to speak to the students on various topics.

Harjeet Khanduja’s writing style makes all the difference. He tries his best to simplify what is otherwise complicated. He takes the help of his expertise, personal and professional experience, and awareness of the events around him, and then adds his unique, peculiar and unmatched style in delivering the content to the readers. Harjeet has kept it simple in his first book, Nothing About Business. He repeated the same simplicity with more research, vivid examples and current references in his second book on business, How Leaders Decide. You can read both the books and decide for yourself. You will find Harjeet’s book much different and versatile and yet simple from other books on the same subjects.

Authors like Harjeet are assets to the business community who are able to share their concepts, ideas, experiences and opinions with their juniors, colleagues, upcoming leaders and aspiring students. He has done his best in translating his ideas so far and we expect him to write more books in the coming years. It is commendable that he can manage himself, his writings, and his tense business profile and still maintain his interaction with students and upcoming entrepreneurs very well. His personality is enthusiastic and profound when it comes to managing himself, his occupation, his vocation and his goals. You can learn more about him by watching his videos, visiting his website or reading his books.

By Anand for Literature News