An Interview with Tanuj Lalchandani

Tanuj Lalchandani interview

Tanuj Lalchandani is an astrologer, Vastu expert and has a versatile profile with many talents in prediction, zodiac, spiritual issues and so on. He has recently written a book entitled Treasure Trove of Zodiacs. Amit Mishra from The Indian Authors has talked to him about his book. Read the interview below.

Amit Mishra: When did you first think of a book, Tanuj? For how long you have been working on Treasure Trove of Zodiacs?      

Tanuj Lalchandani: Treasure Trove of Zodiacs was planned years back but I started working on it during the last 8 months and the result is before you.

Amit Mishra: Your book seems like a first-hand guide to knowing the personality of people based on zodiac signs. What else makes your book useful in different ways? Readers might ask so.          

Tanuj Lalchandani: We meet several people on a daily basis. If we are aware of the basic tenets of their nature, for example, they get angry quickly or they like to be praised, we can deal with them in an easier manner. It defines the personality and helps you in understanding and handling them, both professionally and personally. You can decide if you are able to get along with the person or not.

Amit Mishra: What really inspired you to take this path? In the age you turned towards astrology, people are playing football! What was your story?       

Tanuj Lalchandani: My parents had to face a bad time during the late 90’s. They had a major financial loss in business. My father took me to my Guru, Late Shri Subhash Chand Gupta. He was the turning point of my life. He guided me and led me to discover this amazing world of planets. I started doing free readings for my friends and family. Later, when I gained confidence in my craft, I thought why not convert my passion into a profession. There has been no looking back since then.

Amit Mishra: You have also lined up other books to be published at the end of your debut book. Please tell our readers more about those ones.       

Tanuj Lalchandani: There are three books in line.

The first book is Spiritual Karma. It is an attempt to understand the various Indian Gods and Goddesses and how to worship them. The book combines spirituality and astrology. With this book, I attempt to present simple remedies which can help a person in leading a more peaceful and fulfilling life. Such remedies help in strengthening our karma and getting rid of karmic debts and sins. This book not only focusses on improving karma but also encourages us to focus on the positivity around us. With good karma and a positive attitude, one succeeds in all spheres of life.

The second book is about Simple Vaastu. It would present the basics of Vaastu Shastra in a simplified manner so that even a layperson can correct the Vaastu of their home or office without much difficulty. The basic idea is to make Vaastu understandable.

The third and the major book is about Love Signs. It would be an extension of Treasure Trove of Zodiacs and would be solely focused on romantic relationships. It would assess the compatibility of various signs and how well they get along on an emotional and mental level.

Amit Mishra: You have mentioned that we cannot alter the path or the course of happenings as they are meant to be. However, then, how do you see the importance of astrology and zodiacs in the modern lifestyle which is too fast and too busy?        

Tanuj Lalchandani: What is meant to be, just happens but with our good deeds, we can definitely improve our life. For example, if you are meant to have an accident, it may be a minor one or it can be something serious. Astrology helps in reducing the negative effects of planets. Also, by knowing events in advance, one can be better prepared to handle adversities. Astrology provides simple remedies to improve our karma. The good deeds done today will have a major bearing on our life. In fact, my next book, ‘Spiritual Karma’, focuses on this.

Amit Mishra: You also told in your book that you have read Shiva Purana and Durga Saptashati and other books pertaining to Hinduism. What are, according to you, the help that these books can offer a reader?       

Tanuj Lalchandani: These books left a major impact on me. When I read them for the first time, it mostly went over my head and just a few titbits were left in my mind. Those small fragments encouraged me to read them again and helped me in understanding the eternal Shiv-Shakti and how they created the universe in different forms. They arranged the events into a cycle so it keeps moving orderly. Most importantly, these books made knowledgeable spiritually and a much calmer person mentally. It is important to focus your energy somewhere and I chose these books. They bring over a sense of peace and contentment in a person. Reading them multiple times made me focus on the various nuances.

Amit Mishra: We daily see various debates, conflicts and discourses on how religion has been marginalised; how Gods have been subdued and how the life has been moving without these. Where do you think, Tanuj, religion stands today?      

Tanuj Lalchandani: Everybody views religion differently. For me, religion symbolises inner faith and belief in a higher power. Believing in God has allowed me to be positive and confident. God is not to be feared but revered and loved. I do worship and visit religious places regularly but this does not mean that those who don’t do all this are not spiritual. I believe in helping others and being honest. Any person who lives an honest life and believes in giving back to the society is spiritual and religious because ultimately, all religions teach the same values.

Amit Mishra: And at last, what are your future plans for your writing career after you publish the other books? And best of luck for the current one and other future endeavours of you, Tanuj!   

Tanuj Lalchandani: Keeping my fingers crossed. Many books are on the line and I want to share whatever knowledge I have gained. I believe that as much you share you end up gaining more and the process is unending. Thank you so much for your wishes.

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  • I have read the book “Treasure Trove of Zodiac”. its a well written and descriptive book provides significant intro about the multiple traits of all zodiacs. Author has articulated it in a way which has made it simple to undestand by people like us who don’t really know much about zodiacs and its charaterstics and made it an interesting to read.