4 classics that you must read

4 Great Classics You Must Read

Why do we read fiction? This is a broad question which might invite answers from different people in different manners. However, there is no doubt that people with an interest in reading fiction are rather better than people who don’t, in the terms of views towards art. To further extend the argument, people who love reading classics are way better into philosophy, psychology and sociology (a research). So, reading classics is a better deal than just reading fiction, isn’t it? Are you also a reader of classics in English language or translated into English from some different language? If yes, then you are on this side of the thin line and if not, please come. Today, we are offering you a list of the classics which you MUST read.

Vanity Fair: Vanity Fair is a Victorian Classic novel authored by the somewhat cynic novelist William Makepeace Thackeray. Often regarded as Becky’s novel, Vanity Fair has many things to offer to you as a reader and further others if you read it as a serious reader. A true masterpiece by the author whose other novels are rather fading away with time, this novel will surely keep your mind captured until you finish it and know the fate of poor Emmy, cunning Becky and all others.

Pride and Prejudice: Jane Austen was very well-versed in generating the responses from her readers and compel them to take sides – which side have you been? Have you read Pride and Prejudice yet? If not, then please go ahead and grab your copy of this classic romance and finish it. Do come back and comment which side you have taken – Darcy of Elizabeth? A novel with pursuits, romance, encounters, ego, pride, prejudice and final happiness… this will surely enthral your reading senses!

Wuthering Heights: There are only two kinds of readers of classics in this world – first who have read Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights and the second who haven’t. This is a novel with darkness, brightness, love, passion, hatred, betrayal, regret, remorse, sin, redemption and so many other things that you could imagine! A fiction loaded with so many kinds of stuff surely deserves to be read and not to forget, the narrative of Emily has been on the heights which you would surely love to go through! A true classic in all the terms which demands a close reading…

Hard Times: Hard Times by the pro-people novelist Charles Dickens is an evergreen novel which tells us the classic tale of cold facts versus free will. This is a novel with two clear sides – one is good and another wants to be right but fails and goes wrong in all possible ways. The cold school of Gradgrind is directly confronted with the circus which allows people to relax and enjoy the world. Louisa and Sissy Jupe are indirectly and at some instances directly juxtaposed to the school of cold facts – Gradgrind, Bounderby. You must read this great Victorian classic and see for yourself how charming is the writing style of Dickens.

That’s all for now on our reading list. We will keep forwarding the lists of best novels for you in our later articles as well. Keep reading!