4 Romance novels you must read or gift this valentine’s day!

Valentine's day novels must read romance

While the day is marked with romance in the air, the book lovers must be thinking to do something which could not only make them happy but also their loved ones a little happier! What could be a better idea than gifting the best of the romance novels to your special one this Valentine’s day? The reader in you and your special one can surely be gifted the books which make you happier and make you feel the love in its best form in the fiction. Today, we are giving a list of some of the best romance novels ever published and we are sure that this list will make your work a little easier if you are thinking of gifting a set of books or just a romance novel to your special someone. Here we go!

Under the Greenwood Tree: This 1872 novel by Thomas Hardy, Under the Greenwood Tree, is possibly one among the best romantic novels ever written in the English language – a touch of his magic and the different class of writing by Hardy makes this novel a featured one on our list. The love story of Dick Dewy and Fancy Day is just marvellous and moving one. You will be emotional at times and also sentimental with sympathy for the characters – one or the other at times. Dick is a dedicated lover but he has to face the call of the society which could not accept a low-born lover for a high-born lady. But at last, true love triumphs! They are one against the odds.

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Pride and Prejudice: Featured on our lists (various) so many times, this 1813 novel by Jane Austen has a magic about it and it never gets out of the ‘fashion’ in the terms of reading habits. The aura of Darcy and the wit of Elizabeth never fade away with time and more than two hundred old novel is still very much contemporary because lovers are still out there (and so are the fair ladies) who want to ensure about their love interest first. The wit and humour and irony are packed in this novel and it will make your day special!

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Atonement: This 2001 Man Booker Shortlisted novel by Ian McEwan is a masterclass… it captures the emotions not only of the lovers but also of a girl who is on the verge of adulthood and her reaction towards the events she witnesses around herself. Robbie and Cecilia are the lovers and Briony is the girl who misinterprets the love of being something forceful and uncalled for… and then, you will be left with tears as you read the novel and understand what happens next. The drama is created around the theme of second world war and it culminates in present-day England (1999). A must read romance novel with the share of emotional overflow…

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The Guide: The Guide is a 1958 novel written by famous Indian novelist R. K. Narayan. The novel is about a person who transforms into various personalities throughout the novel and only understands true love when he works selflessly for the betterment of people in a certain village. Raju and Nalini’s love story will make you feel for them and then, the social construct which sees things only in black and white without leaving any chance for the things to be explained and viewed clearly. This love story will have a manifold of effects upon you as a reader and we will advise you making this novel highlighted on your ‘to be read’ list right now!

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These four novels can be gifted in a set of ‘love the books’ box to your special someone. Even if you are being a single this valentine, no worries! You can read these novels making them your companion while others are busy in the cinema halls or public parks… let’s be the readers and let’s read some of the truest romance novels this 14th February. All the best with your reading room’s ventures, dear readers!

Always make sure you post your comments if you have to make suggestions or add books to this list. We will oblige in the most appropriate manner to the comments.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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