5 Amazing books to read this weekend – our list

5 books to read this weekend

Well, you might have read so many articles about the best fiction books that you must read. However, when it comes to non-fiction books, you will not find that number of articles on the web telling you the best non-fiction books that you must read. We have made a list which includes five interesting books which you can read or start reading this weekend. These books are from various genres and also include non-fiction books which will be interesting for you. We have added a spiritual book, guidebook, storybook, poetry and even letters. We hope you will love this collection and will surely want to have all of them instantly! Are you ready?

A Reader for Writers: A Critical Anthology of Prose Readings: Well, as the title suggests, this book is meant to be read by the readers who are the writers of tomorrow. By writers, it doesn’t mean that only commercial title suits it – a writer can be anyone writing for his or her academic as well as personal needs. And this book will help one perfect the art of writing. It has different sections and each section has some essays which elaborate the section heading and serve as examples. For example, you will find pieces under the sections Personal Narrative, Style, Exposition, Narration, Description etc. Once you read those pieces, you will understand ‘how’ to manage ‘what’ very easily. Yes, the book is rather old and it doesn’t meet the eyes of the readers any easily. However, you can get the book from Amazon store. We have the link which works for the international readers as well as Indian readers:

A Reader for Writers on Amazon – India

Bright Star: Love Letters and Poems of John Keats to Fanny Brawne: What is there to be read and enjoyed today? You must know the name John Keats and his passionate poetry must be in your memories from the high school days of yours or the graduation classes. Have you ever explored the precise and narrowed canvas of his writings? Here we are – love letters and love poems of John Keats that he wrote to his beloved Fanny Brawne – his muse until he died. You will absolutely be emotionally charged reading these pages and you must not miss this book anyway!

Bright Star: Amazon India

Short Stories by Franz Kafka: Believe it; you might have read nothing of this kind in past – Kafka is a legend and will continue being so because his writings are so bizarre and so unorthodox and so amazing that a reader cannot help but be bemused! Kafka’s short stories are no less than instant surprises to the readers because they are packed with wit, humour, life-elements and a kind of cynicism at times. You must read his short stories and what could be better than starting to read him this weekend? For the readers, national and international, we are giving the links to Amazon buying page of Kafka’s collection.

Franz Kafka – short stories – Amazon India


American Maharajah by Mark Stephen Levy: This is a novel which has been launched recently and the author, though being American, has detailed ‘Indian emotions’ quite beautifully and you cannot miss this book. A simple and non-clumsy fiction with twists and suspense that wonderfully connects the dots between mythology and love and reality. Mark has written about a King of Rajasthan who loses his son but finds that Amar, his dead son, is reincarnated. The novel gets interesting when Ravi finds himself in the palace as a son of Maharajah while he knows himself as a son of parents living in the US as far as he could remember. You will find the novel quite interesting and very pleasant. Go for it now!

American Maharajah on Amazon India

Freedom from the Known by J. Krishnamurti: How about a leap into the free zone where you can live free from any burden? Let’s start the journey with this wonderful book by one of the most popular and respected spiritual leaders of all time – Jiddu Krishnamurti. Freedom from the Known is a collection of his talks and lectures and question-answer sessions. You will find the book not only interesting but also a kind of torch throwing light and eliminating the darkness which clouds the human mind and lures them to believe many things at once. Get this book now and start your journey to the freedom.

Freedom from the Known on Amazon India

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