5 Books you should read in January 2020 – LN List

5 best books to read January 2020

It’s the first Sunday already as we enter this new decade, the 2020s. The calendar has changed and days are almost the same in most of the parts of India – wintery, chilling and freezing (in some parts). So, I am here with a few titles that the readers of Literature News might like reading in this month of cold wind, visibility blocking-fog and laziness. I will make sure that I cover every kind of readers so that they all have something to read. Here goes the list with brief details of the books:

The Remains of the Day (1989): This 1989 Man Booker Award-winning novel will grip the interest of the readers with ease. However, you should only pick this book up for reading if you believe in the power of stand-still fiction. Kazuo Ishiguro, the Nobel-winning novelist, puts the theme of love at the centre. However, when the inter-war years float in the plot, love takes the backdrop and the pain of war takes over the novel, for a while. The readers who are serious literary connoisseurs will love the novel! Buy the novel from Amazon India now – click the link below:
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The Penthouse (2019): This is one of the latest novels published in the crime thriller genre by Indian authors. However, this novel has many different things to offer to young readers other than the theme of crime. Vito Ricci is a stereotype character – a man rising (or rather forcing his way through) from the bottom to the top but by bad means. He is fed up of his poverty and begins treading into the troubled zone of drug mafias and soon becomes rich enough to buy The Penthouse for himself. However, many things happen that change his vision about the decisions he made in life and also because of Alicia, the woman he loves and is about to marry. The blurb says that Vito’s enemies are in the Penthouse only – who are they? What else is in the novel? Get a copy to read it yourself and find out the answers to your suspicions:
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Collected Poems (2015): This collection of poems (almost complete) by Jeet Thayil was published in 2015 by Aleph Books. This collection has many new poems by Thayil that he did not compile in any anthologies yet. Moreover, this one has also the previously published poems (in books as collected poems and otherwise) right from the beginning of his awakening as a poet. And so, the readers who want to read Jeet Thayil’s poems won’t have to buy any other book or look up on the internet. So, do you love reading Indian English Poetry? Do you want to know whether there is something called Indianness in Indian English Poetry or not? You will need to read Thayil’s Poems that you can do by getting this book from Amazon India link below:
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Revolution 2020 (2011): Well, you will have to accept that Chetan Bhagat cannot write novels without ‘cheating on boyfriend,’ ‘having sex with a stranger,’ or simply, the sensual imagery of human anatomy. However, with all these follies in his writing, Chetan Bhagat could pull off one remarkable novel (to me it seems) and this was Revolution 2020 published in 2011. This novel takes on the battle against corruption in the Indian system – on every level and in every field. Though the novel fails to provide any conclusive solution or exemplary way forward, it does tell us what the problem is. It will be eventful novels for the youths of the day and also those who want to read an entertaining novel with some substance and a little seriousness. You can get the novel from Amazon India by clicking the link below:
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13 Untitled and Weird Poems (2018): This is the first official poetry collection by Alok Mishra and it makes the most of it. As the title makes it clear that there are only 13 poems in the collection, this book is for the poetry lovers who want to remain in the hangover of some class poetry reading with immense depth and prowess to keep them thinking for hours, if not days! Alok Mishra has been active for a while in Indian English poetry writing and this 10-minute read will certainly impress you with his poetic skills. You can get the copy of this book in Kindle format from Amazon India here:
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So, guys, these are our picks for the January 2020 reading list and I am sure you will find, if not all, a few books on the list that will attract you for sure. Read these this month and do post feedback on this article.


by Abhishek for Literatu news