Beat the Heat with these Books to Read in July-August 2018

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While heat is soaring and summer no more surprises us, readers have a tough time reading books. However, the books which are worth it must be read at any cost – river coast, sea coast or in a garden. Today, we are bringing you the list of books which will lift your mood and give you some moments of laughter, shock and thrill. Our picks are mostly the books to come very soon or the books which are already there. The existing books can be downloaded or bought from the links given and for the ones which will appear very soon, you will have to wait.

Indicting Goliath: The struggle of an Indian who was prosecuted and harassed in the United States of America. Jailed, punished, tortured, misbehaved – and at last, the justice department accepted that all which was done to Lal Bhatia, the author, was unjust and they accept it. Is that enough? Who will return the wasted years of the person who was punished just because he exposed the crimes of someone else? Lal Bhatia writes that he has exposed the collusion of federal judges, FBI and some corrupt politicians within the USA who were involved in a multi-million dollar scam. You will certainly love reading this book! Be ready for the copies soon – the book will be out within 3-4 days and you can have your copy from Amazon India.

Update – the book has been released! Here is the link to buy it:

Get the copy of Lal Bhatia’s explosive book – buy here


A Dowryless Wedding: A humorous tale of the marriage which was not meant to be! A guy meets a girl reluctantly and their marriage is fixed with very less as dowry – the guy is against dowry but accepts a car and some jewellery. However, the naive nature of girl and the demanding nature of marriage do not suit Franklin and he has to suffer a lot. And what happens afterwards will just be so amusing to the readers… do read a sarcastic take on the dowry system in India by Merlin Franco, an author from South India.

Get a copy – A Dowryless Wedding – Amazon India

A Thousand Seeds of Joy: Have you ever felt like talking to Gods or Goddesses? Well, Ananda Karunesh, a spiritually awakened soul and author, in this case, promises the same in his latest book A Thousand Seeds of Joy. He has written this book based on his talks with Goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati. You will find many interesting things in this book which will offer you an alternative view of most of our supposed believes and logic. Moreover, it will also take you through different points in our mythological abyss from a perspective of Goddesses – Lakshmi Ji and Saraswati Ji. It will be a soothing and interesting read for most of you!

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Elephants in the Room: This upcoming book by debutant author Suraj Laxminarayanan is scheduled to be released on (or near) 15th of August 2018. Based on the theme of a bank robbery where fake robbers or the street guys meet the real robbers who are facing a threat to life. Set in the backdrop of Chennai, the book takes the readers through bowls and dishes of the lives of common citizens with high ambitions and null aspirations. This will be an amusing, exciting as well as interesting read for those who love reading fresh and different than the lot fiction. Wait till the book is released and then you can move ahead with it.

Bhrashtachar – Charchit Kahaniyan: Written by a retired IAS official, the collection is full of corruption stories which take the readers through ups and downs of the Indian political, administrative and casual system which is infested with forgery, scams and sickness. The stories are all true, valid and proven cases of daylight robbery by the mighty and powerful. Sarcasm is scattered here and there and the best part is that it can be read by hardcore Hindi readers as well – the book is written in Hindi so that it can reach a wider audience. Get your copy from the Amazon India link below:

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A list by Gaurav for Literature News