My True Angel by Irshad Thalakala winning the hearts of the readers!

My True Angel novel by Irshad Thalakala reviews

Irshad’s novel, My True Angel, despite being the debut work by him, has been successful in impressing the readers with its content and the manner in which the content is served. The seemingly ‘honest and true’ narrative of the novel further enhances the interaction with the readers – even I read it most of the times under an impression that it must be the true story of the author himself. And this type of affection with the text only furthers the chances of a novel being popular! Who won’t like to read a story which is true?

The bestselling author Ajay K Pandey has found the novel My True Angel by Irshad Thalakala to be a ‘refreshing and genuine’ fiction. One of the most popular platforms for book reviews in India, Indian Book Critics, has found that “the novel is certainly written with passion and fervour” and that “My True Angel will leave you in awe once you end the novel and put it aside”. With critical views such as these and positive feedbacks from the readers across the country, the novelist is filled with enthusiasm! Seeing a debut work being appreciated by the readers as well as the critics is certainly a good feeling that any author wishes to experience.

Irshad’s novel is written on the theme of love – true love and just the passionate love and the opportunistic love. The story will certainly let the readers feel the agony as well as the joy on different occasions. This is the story of Iqbal, a middle-class person from Kerala. He experiences a sudden love, passionate and impulsive, for Rubina. In turn, Rubina is an arrogant girl who does not care about the feelings of Iqbal. He moves on after difficulties and meets Payal who loves him a lot and he also loves her equally. However, the wall of religious barriers erect themselves and Iqbal is engaged to Naziya – a naive girl who is ready to get married just because she cannot deny her parents.

In these three different experiences of Iqbal, we have many interesting instances to read. Moreover, the readers will also get to read the common problems of youngsters and jobless educated people in the modern world. Irshad has weaved his tale in a very careful manner which offers his readers a moving piece of fiction – keeping the readers engaged with the story until it ends.

My personal reflections about My True Angel are generally positive because it offered me amusement, seriousness as well as sentimental scenarios at times. As you could have seen the debutants enjoying success in their very first attempt, this novel is certainly moving ahead in the same direction. If you haven’t yet read the novel, do join thousands of readers across the country and give yourself some time to read and enjoy this story by Irshad.

feature by an LN contributor