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Literature does not know boundaries and walls in any of the possible sense. It transcends the limits, the distances, the gaps and the spaces very convincingly and that is what we have been witnessing through the years. Be it the tales of Illiad or Aeneid or Dante’s Divine Comedy, people in the Orient have always been learning about people in the Occident. Moreover, in the reverse as well, it has been the same. Even without the proper tools of communication, literature had been penetrating the thick walls of distances regularly and with ease. Today, when we are in the times of smooth communication and effective transfer of intellect age, the spread of literature from one region to another has become even more sufficient and fast. We have the mediums like YouTube, Facebook and blogs. We have the experts on these platforms who are doing their wit with and without goals. Today, I will be writing about some of the platforms on the web where you can learn more about literature.

On the web:

English Literature Education:
You can learn more about literary trends and English literature in general on this website: English Literature. This is a platform developed by Indian enthusiasts of English literature that offers insights into the depth of literary topics, trends and history. You can learn about the various ages in the history of English literature, the books to study the same, about famous literary figures of different periods and many other things. Explore it once and you will learn more.

Ashvamegh is a literary magazine. Founded in 2015, January, it has been at the fore of literary happenings on the web. On this platform, you can read thousands of research papers, poems, short stories and articles. In generating the literary awareness and inspiring the creative writers, Ashvamegh has done a commendable job in recent years.
Explore it here: English Magazine, India

Indian Book Critics:
Whether you want to explore the writing trends in India or read the book reviews of the recently published books, you can always check Indian Book Critics website. This platform does not publish in volumes. It publishes well-crafted articles. Recently, Indian Book Critics also joined YouTube officially and you can follow it there as well. You can get more information about this platform here: Indian Book Reviews

English Literature Forum:
A community for the literature lovers, this platform enables the subscribed users to discuss literature in all its shades. You can talk about literary periods, literary trends, popular figures and also about the related exams. There are several well-defined channels of communication that can be accessed by joining the website. Enrol yourself and start exploring the platform here: English Literature Forum

Explore YouTube:
YouTube is certainly a place where we can learn many things at once. One can get the desired information in desired language. The same can be said for literature as well. You can explore various channels and content that share literary information. There are the individual channels and there are the organised channels. You can follow the ones you find to be useful and informative as well as standard. Take your time and analyse the content before you let them into your inbox and notification bar.

All the best! I hope my article serves some purpose.

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  • Very engaging article. I will see for English Literature Forum because I am also a student of English literature. Thanks for the time you invested in writing this beautiful and helpful article.

  • Very helpful for me as a literature student. The platforms are very useful and the YouTube content will certainly help many ones like me. Thanks for sharing!