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The internet is infinite – from the dark web to the brighter and cooler side of the internet, it is dimensionless… you keep looking and it keeps showing. However, what does it offer to the lovers of literature? What does it offer to the book lovers? What does the internet have for those who enjoy literary discussions, debates and sharing their opinions on the books they read? Yes, it becomes difficult to get the exact things out when you are looking for things which are not very popular among the masses… poetry and prose, unfortunately, have become almost obsolete among youths who love PS5s and YouTube. Still, for the lovers of literature who are out there, we are listing a few literary websites that will keep their spirit up. Here is the list:

Goodreads: Yes, Goodreads should come first because it is the only place on the internet that is home to readers and authors, both. Moreover, this is the biggest database of books and authors, with short introductions to the titles and writers, with reviews and opinions by the readers, critics and casual watchers of literature… so, if you want to know the books before you read those, you should browse Goodreads more than often. Link: Goodreads

English Literature Education: If you are a student of English literature or you are too curious to know about English literature with all its colours, perspectives and ideas, you must visit this ‘place’ on the internet. Established by Alok Mishra, a literary entrepreneur, poet and critic, this is one of the fastest rising platforms, digitally, when it comes to offering narratives related to English literature. You should visit this platform to find literary notes, perspectives and opinions on literary topics, poetry analysis and general articles related to literature. Link: English Literature

Sahitya Akademi: If you are interested in knowing about the best authors from India, in different languages, Sahitya Akademi will be the website that you will need to open. On this website, you can get introduced to all the winners of this prestigious Indian literature award. You can also know about the programs being run by the Government of India to support literary progress. In short, the best among the Indian authors, their views, biography, introduction and many other things related to Indian literature can be viewed on this website. Link: Sahitya Akademi

Kavita Kosh: Are you a lover of Hindi poetry? Are you interested in reading poems by poets writing in various regional Indian languages? Maithili, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Angika, Sanskrit… Gujarati, Chattisgadhi… poems by many poets are available in many languages on the website of Kavita Kosh… free to access! This is the biggest website for poetry on the internet when it comes to Indian languages and you will love it for many reasons. Here is the link: Kavita Kosh

English Literature Forum: Do you want to discuss English literature? Do you want to debate whether Shakespeare was on a higher pedestal or Marlowe? Do you want to share your opinions on poetry by Wordsworth? If you have a spirit for debates or enthusiasm to discuss aspects of English literature, English literature forum is the best place for you on the internet where you can share your views with many other enthusiasts. This is the only active platform on the internet where you can participate in various discussions from your mobile or your laptop or any device. Link: English Literature Forum

Indian Book Critics: As the name suggests, this website is all about book reviews, opinions on recent publications, authors, literary trends and so on and so forth… if you read Indian Book Critics weekly or even on alternate days, you will certainly find many interesting articles that will feed your curious mind hungry for literary content on the internet. Indian Book Critics is one of the reputed literary websites in India. Link: Indian Book Critics

The Indian Authors: Though this is certainly one of the most-trusted internet platforms if you want to know about the current generation of Indian authors, TIA is also one of the most detailed literary platforms in India. You will know not only about the authors from India but also details about their publication history, writing style, affiliations, controversies and so on… You will certainly love reading this website once you get in-tune with their writing style. Link: Indian Authors

So, friends, this was today’s extract from the best of the internet for literary enthusiasts. Hope that you liked our list of literary websites for book lovers. Keep reading Literature News for more!

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  • A wonderful list of websites… I was looking for something that could help me out with my literature notes. I found many. Thanks again guys…

  • This is a very important list… I am a student of Masters in English literature and I was actively looking for a list of literary websites on the internet. Found it here. Thanks!