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Who does not want a few hours of peace and respite? We do need it, from time to time, because the world has gone bitter, day by day. If you have read the novels by Thomas Hardy or Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte, you should know where will the title of this piece take you. Yes, I am talking about a few movies that will help you relax, dive deep into human emotions and understand the panorama of human relationships in the lap of nature – far from the madding crowd! So, what are the names of those movies that you can watch to relax? Let’s get straight to the business and I am sure you will come back to thank me on you watch any or some or all of the movies mentioned below:

Becoming Jane (2007): Do you love Jane Austen? Well, I mean do you love reading her novels? If your answer is yes, you are going to love this movie as well – it’s just as wonderful as watching Austen’s novel on the screen… however, it’s not written by Austen herself but it rather depicts Austen’s own romantic excursion when she was young. Brilliantly portrayed characters by James McAvoy and Anne Hathaway will keep you emotionally arrested until the last scene of the movie. Becoming Jane is about Austen falling in love and losing it rather quickly than she might have expected for her novel’s characters later. Ready for some emotional hours?

Far from the Madding Crowd (2015): This is a superbly directed movie that will certainly make you cry, not once or twice but many times… Thomas Hardy’s innocent and dedicated character, Gabriel Oak, will strike a bond of emotional connection with the audience instantly. Bathsheba’s character is played by talented actress Carey Mulligan. Oak’s has been enacted by versatile actor Matthias Schoenaerts… superbly played! The movie will bring to life, for you, all the scenes that you might remember in your subconscious, somewhere, as you read in the novel. If you loved the work by Hardy, you will love, even more, the movie once you watch it.

Jane Eyre (2011): Any list on romantic novels, pastoral novels or pastoral romantic movies cannot be complete without including Charlotte Bronte’s masterpiece, Jane Eyre. The 2011 movie is not the only adaptation of the novel by Bronte. There were many others before and there might be many more to come. However, until today, no adaptation has been able to provoke the sentiments of the audience to the extent that this adaptation has done. Rochester’s character has been elevated to the actual level of his personality by a very talented actor, Michael Fassbender and likewise, the same has been done by Mia Wasikowska who played Jane’s character wonderfully. The landscape, the Victorian sceneries, the set-up… everything is there to take you back in time! Do watch this!

Under the Greenwood Tree (2005): A musician with only music to offer his beloved and a beloved who is rich to an extent that the musician can never be… Well, we cannot fathom how Thomas Hardy perceived love with his seemingly pessimistic opinions but he did give us many masterpieces to remember and read… and he also offered many stories to movie directors. Under the Greenwood Trees is a simplistic, plain and romantic movie that takes to the era Hardy wanted to depict in his novel, published in 1872. The story of Dick Dewy, the musician and Fancy Day, the rich beloved, has been wonderfully presented to the modern-day audience in this 2005 movie. I am signalling it green… do watch this one!

Atonement (2007): Well, it might deviate a little or more than that measure from the standards or criteria we have tried to establish by mentioning the movies’ name above, Atonement, a 2007 movie, is a romantic drama movie, also with colours of war embedded wonderfully, which will keep your eyes wet and your heart heavy… right to the last frame! Based on a novel of the same name by Ian McEwan published in 2001. The movie has wonderfully enacted the pages of McEwan’s masterpiece on the screen. With central character, Robbie Turner, Played by James McAvoy, the movie is an eventual drama that unfolds just wonderfully enough to have the audience indulged and sentimentally awake…


Do get back to me and let me know your thoughts in the comment section after you watch any of these movies. Those who have watched the movies can also let me know about my list here. Enjoy the bond between literature and cinema!


By a writer for Literature News