Sriramcharitmanas aur Prabandhan Neeti by Rajeev ‘Acharya’ & Surabhi – wonderful amalgam of ancient wisdom and modern complexities


Hindi literature in the contemporary period has its diversities and beauty. It has too much for serious readers and too much for the casual, weekend and everyday readers as well. However, it is not very common that Hindi authors come up with books based on ancient Indian texts. Even if there are books on ancient Indian texts, most of these are either venturing into the unconscious of the texts or written from perspectives we could not imagine. Nevertheless, a recent book by Rajeev ‘Acharya’ and Surabhi, Sriramcharitmanas aur Prabandhan Neeti, is a testimony to the celebration of ancient wisdom that India once boasted. In this recently launched book, the authors have brought to the fore various perspectives from Ramcharitmanas that are helpful in understanding the art of management in today’s life. Rajeev ‘Acharya’ and Surabhi write in their preface:

“My opinion about Sriramcharitmanas is that it is a scripture that can help people in understanding the problems and getting across them in day to day life.” (translated from Hindi)

This book has 18 chapters and there are wonderful, comparative and descriptive chapters on leadership, management, team spirit, devotion to the leader and many others that will help the readers understand what lessons they can draw from Tulsidas’ masterpiece Ramcharitmanas. Rajeev and Surabhi make it convenient for the readers of the day to understand how to interpret Ramcharitmanas from the perspectives of modern, complex problems that we face in our daily lives.

Rajeev ‘Acharya’, one of the authors of the book, is acting as a state head of an important government organisation. In the past also, he has worked in many leading roles for the state government, UP. His education in Management, MBA, has given him the opportunity to understand the art of management from the ringside and his interest in ancient texts as well as his academic degree in Jyotish has given him the opportunity to understand the man-universe relation in its depth. Surabhi, the co-author of this book, is the wife of the author and is also interested, equally, in ancient scriptures and various forms of them.

Coming up with such a book does not only help the cause of literature in Hindi but also gives the traditional readers an interesting way to connect with contemporary Hindi literature. According to the authors, the book is not only for those who are interested in interpreting life by interpreting Sriramcharitmanas but also for those who want to understand the roles of leaders in any team or solve the problems that pertain to large organisations and teams. The book will surely interest readers from across the age-groups and genres.

Written by Ravi for Literature News