A Dark Love Story by Shairoz K. Anwarali – Book Review

A Dark Love Story by Shairoz K Anwarali book review

Modern fiction has taken many different turns and it is trying to settle with the racy life of youths, teenagers and offer them momentary respite, more or less. Many authors are trying to create storylines that could take the readers intro strong grips for the hours they read. Shairoz’s book is an attempt in the same direction. Her debut fiction, A Dark Love Story, offers a story that can fit into the lifestyle of young readers, perfectly.

“I shouted Parker’s name again. By this time, Parker fangs were literally touching my neck. He was already prepared to bite me. If he applied a little pressure, I would have been dead meat.”

As you could already have guessed that the author has created a world of vampire-human love story, it is indeed so. However, before you offer your judgement, let me tell you that the story has a few life-saving twists that make the novel by Shairoz K. Anwarali stand-out and have its own existence. Yes, being the debut work, we cannot expect things to be perfect enough with all the loopholes tightly covered with facts and fiction. However, the attempt that Shairoz has made is appreciable and the novel has the capacity to attract the attention of the readers except for a few patches here and there that can distract their attention.

It is about Ella, the fragile teenager who goes to settle in the world of a new school after winning the scholarship that only a few could do. It is about Parker, the mysterious guy in the school who is unusually attractive but very weird, almost. It is also about the love story between Ella and Parker, a vampire and a human being, which tries to explore the world of impossibilities and imaginations and mysteries… linking the stories of Ella and Parker to their pasts make the novel survive the attack of merely modelling on some other works featuring vampire. So, readers do get something new and exciting to read.

The novel is about 220 pages and a little more and could be too abrupt at times and I am sure that the novelist, if she hints about the part two of this work, should focus on her storytelling skills. That would give the readers many more things to be attracted to. I would recommend this book to the readers who are young and want something to keep them engaged while they read. A perfect weekend-read? You may say that. You can get a copy from Amazon India store in different formats.

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Review by Amit for Literature News

A Dark Love Story by Shairoz K. Anwarali – Book Review
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A story crafted for teenagers… love, dark secrets, mysteries rooted in past… vampire and worlves…