The Shambala Sutras by Aurijit Ganguli: Book Review

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So, you must have read a preview of the book on Literature News a few days ago. I was given the responsibility to review this book and it is finally here. Aurijit Ganguli’s debut novel The Shambala Sutras has kept me at the edge of my reading chair… most of the times. It is so because the novel never lets you off the book – from the USA to India, from the search of Sanjeevani booti of Ramayana to the curious mission to locate Shambala… the novel has a tight grip on the conscious and it keeps the readers excited all the way.

The novel begins in the USA with the revelation of Sanjeevani booti by a professor to her student and friend. Central characters that we know at the very beginning are Arjun, Lisa and Dr Sara. Fast forward… A plan to visit India and search for booti and Arjun and Lisa visit India where they are assisted by Vijay. Well, the author has quite an eye for touring the world as you can see for yourself once you begin reading the novel. Minute details are taken care of so that the readers can experience a 360-view of the surroundings the characters visit – Varanasi being the one that I liked reading. Aurijit Ganguli has written very wonderfully in terms of describing the landscape. Saranath visit by Lisa and Arjun is decorated with very informative commentary by ‘Sanjay’. So, the plot has many twists that the readers may enjoy but the visible marks of wonderful scenery being enjoyed by the tourists add another dimension to the novel, only for its betterment!

“Before I let you go,” the monk spoke, “let me give you a quick heads-up. The linga of the main deity at the shrine is in a silver altar. This is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India. Varanasi is said to be the venue of the first Jyotirlinga, the fiery pillar of light by which Shiva manifested himself.
The main temple is a quadrangle and is surrounded by the shrines of other gods. Look here, there are small temples in this complex for Kaalbhairav, Dhandapani, Avimukteshwara, Vishnu, Vinayaka, Sanishwara, Virupaksha and Virupaksh Gauri.”

The connecting dots in the story can be found between Arjun’s journey to Chidambaram from Varanasi when he begins reading Notes on Shambala by Dr. Vijay Tripathi. Various connections are introduced to him (as well as the readers) by reading the notes – German connection, Tibetian connection, ancient Indian connections, Buddha’s connections, Vishnu Avatar’s connections and so on… these notes are more than enough to tell the readers how exciting the journey might be.

Moreover, there are also twists that I would rather not reveal to the readers here. The plot has been designed in a way that it keeps the momentum building, revealing the secrets and at the same time, creating new ones… so, the excitement that is generated by the novelist is wonderfully satisfied by revelations made… and new curiosity is generated with each revelation to a great extent. And this makes The Shambala Sutras something more than modern Indian mythological novels. It takes you to the ruins of the past in a way that seldom a novel might offer… these days. Well, there are also instances of ancient wisdom that the novelist has shared. This might be useful for those who want to understand an overview of India’s cultural heritage.

Arjun and Lisa’s journey to Shambala, the mythical kingdom, hidden somewhere in the ranges of Himalaya’s is loaded with a number of shocks, surprises, enlightening experiences and many other things that will certainly keep the readers entertained as well as curious. What they might encounter? What will they find if they somehow find Shambala, a place that only Yogis and Rishi Munis have visited before? Who will guide them? What happens if this journey turns up to be dangerous on the heights of Himalayas? And… a big connection to our history of freedom struggle can also surprise you more than anything once you start turning the pages of this novel… are you ready?

The novel will not let you get bored in any way. The language is matching the theme and the plot has equally responded. Readers, you have a wonderful package waiting for you. Enjoy!

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Review by Amit for Literature News

The Shambala Sutras by Aurijit Ganguli: Book Review
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Wonderful… a novel that entertains and also shares the secrets of ancient wisdom with the readers.