Agile in the New Economy by Ashok Singh – Book Review

Agile in the New Economy Ashok P Singh book review

Ashok Singh’s book, Agile in the New Economy, is one of its kind or simply the only one of its unique kind, exemplary style and appreciable research. The book is unique because the author has handled this rather ‘curiosity attracting’ subject very efficiently and also, at the same time, ensuring that any reader who reads the book gets what he or she might be looking for. The book is based on the contemporary economy, latest innovations and technology, style of modern business, the enlarging digital canvas, the ever-growing network of new-age entrepreneurs and, importantly, the widening ambitions of the young people who want to achieve things on their own. And likewise, the book is for all those that I named in the previous sentence.

Agile in the New Economy is not a traditional self-help book for the students of economics or youthful achievers who want to listen to it from someone who has already achieved big in life. Though the author does have a decorated credential to share, the readers will find an entirely redefined piece of inspirational as well as a practical piece of literature – a book that guides, introduces, inspires and suggests actions by inducing thoughts. For example, the author introduces the readers to the idea of digital infrastructure and how a swift mind can begin a business just by having a digital infrastructure, at low cost and little space…

There are many qualities in the book by Ashok Singh and it begins to appear one by one in front of a reader as soon as he or she begins reading it, let’s define the ideal readership for the book first. Though I don’t see any linguistic barrier because it can be read by anyone who understands English and can make sense of 21st-century words, it should be read by those who are above 18 so that they understand exactly what they are reading and don’t kite-fly the book once they are finished. I should assume that the multi-year-experienced author, Ashok Singh, who has worked with leading companies in the US for more than two decades, does not only want to be read but also to be understood and asked… and that’s why anyone beyond 18 can be serious about his career, his future and MONEY! Well, as the book suggests, besides my creative thinking, it should be read by business leaders, enthusiasts, those who are in responsible positions in organisations and those who want to understand how the modern economy is going to play out and what challenges and opportunities are about to be brought to us. But this is important for most of us so I would suggest anyone beyond 18 should read it and be prepared.

The book has engaging, dynamic and useful content. It does not take too much time for the reader to come to the point straightaway. The readers will see the topic, its explanation… another topic, explanation and so on… the book does not stop and so does learning from the title. You keep reading and reading until you find the last page – yes, the book (digital version) could have accommodated more ideas and more explanations by the author.

Written in simple language and moving forward very logically and systematically, the book is very much within the reach of the readers all the time. It does not have the traditionally used diagonal communication that we find in such books and so, anyone who reads it will learn from it. You can get a copy from Amazon India by clicking the link added below:

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Agile in the New Economy by Ashok Singh – Book Review
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The book has everything in the best way – organised, offered and explained… the readers might be left wanting more of it… a must-read book for the challenges of tomorrow… how modern economy gives opportunities and how it should be responded to!