Exam Warriors by Modi – Book Review

Exam Warriors by Modi book review literature

Book – Exam Warriors
Author – Narendra Modi
Publisher – Penguin India
Pages – 208
Published – 2018
ISBN-13: 978-0143441502
Idle Reading Duration – 4-5 Hours (on-go read)
Targeted at – The students (of any age group) who have to face exams
Review – 5/5 stars (a must-read book)

While the political aspirants like some reviewer on the wire or first post are calling it ‘an extension to Modi’s agenda’ of wooing the first time voters, I can just take my time and laugh at them – LOL (like the youngsters say it these days). Can only a Congress PM enjoy the liberty of writing a book? Is literature the prerogative of people like Shashi Tharoor with their ‘Why I am a Hindu’ and Chidambarams with their ‘A View from Outside’? We have to think on this. Indian PM, currently, Narendra Modi has been a poet (Gujarati) and he is just extending the list of PMs who have been great authors as well. Nehru had his due for a long time but rarest of the literature produced by him could cater the interest of the readers just after 8 – those were intellectual pieces of papers which needed (and still need) a guide to decoding the encrypted knowledge. Exam Warriors, on the other hand, has been a very popular book since the launch and has been sitting at No 1 on the Amazon Bestseller’s List in India! Why?

Exam Warriors is a book which focuses on the issues faced by students who are going to appear in the exams and that is natural. A student who takes up studies has to face examinations and many a time! Stress, nervousness, worry and negative thoughts are common things with them and they must be aware how to tackle them. Modi tells the same thing in his book Exam Warriors. His idea is clear and his approach is simple. The book has been available in different versions – Hindi, English, and other regional languages.

On a broader perspective, the worry of the opposition about this literary war of the battle of the books is valid. Theirs (Congress’) literature has all been but intellectual and too confined to the tenets of scholarship and wisdom. On the other hand, this single book by Modi has invaded the households very easily – the target is rather easy – the youths of the day and the young ones of tomorrow and the weird worry on the faces of opposition leaders and their well-wishers in the media is evident – it had to be like this.

Well, the book is a must-read by all means as it really does the job it was intended to do. It clarifies the doubts of the students about examination tactics. It tells them how to de-stress and how to focus or concentrate. Modi has used his personal experience and we all know he is perhaps the best communicator Indian politics has ever witnessed! Visually appealing a book that Exam Warriors is, you will find it interesting as well as useful. If you are a student or the guardian of students or a teacher, you have to get a copy of Exam Warriors and let yourself into a world of joy. All the best!

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Review by Alok Mishra

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What are you doing? Read this 60 Rs book and you will realise many things that you might already be knowing but never realised!