Sense and Syllogism: Logic in Life: Book Review

Sense and Syllogism_ Aparna Tulpule review logic in life

There are the times in one’s reading life that suddenly a book strikes. I have felt these blows several times. However, very rare were the occasions that I felt overdone by books that were basically non-fictional in nature. So, recently, I read a book Sense and Syllogism: Logic in Life. This book details the introductory concepts of sense, arguments and of course, logic. Written by Aparna Tulpule, who calls herself a logic enthusiast, this book is not completely academic and, at the same time, not entirely meant to be read in leisure as well. So, can I call it hybrid non-fiction – a book that is sensible, strict and yet, enjoyable!

About 200 pages and having many chapters dedicated to the enthusiasts and academic students of logic as a subject, this title didn’t let me down at any moment except for the times it became too much for my tiny mathematics mind to navigate through the equations. Except that, all other things were clear, crisp and narrated in an entertaining (I can say that) way so that an average guy can comprehend something as ‘absurd’ as logic, that, after reading the book, I can say is so complicated!

Aparna Tulpule has done very well on the part of her narrative. She has made sure that anyone who reads the book with any purpose whatsoever isn’t disappointed with the content. Her book is good for amateurs who just want a sense of logic in their life or for the students who want to understand the introductory or the initial concepts academically or even for the students who have to face competitive examinations that test their logical reasoning skills… a multipurpose book that has certainly surprised me. I will certainly recommend it but with a caution that you have to be interested in the content otherwise, you can find it just cacophony of ideas and facts that don’t make any sense to you.

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review by Jitesh for Literature News

Sense and Syllogism: Logic in Life

200 Rs







I liked

  • Simple Narrative
  • Useful Content
  • A book for all idea

The downsides

  • Too much mathematics in a few chapters
  • A few examples may trigger readers