Tatva, Soul & Karma – Tanuj Lalchandani – Book Review

Tatva, Soul & Karma Tanuj lalchandani review

Tanuj Lalchandani’s second book Tatva, Soul & Karma has been released recently. Religious in content, the book is primarily a guide for people to please Gods and Goddesses to bring happiness and peace in life. Tanuj’s first book was about zodiac signs and the impact of the zodiac in people’s life. His second book takes one step further and tells people about the ways to worship different deities in Hinduism to bring fortune and favour. Moreover, the book also deals with various elements of spiritual and religious importance. Why is matching the horoscope before marriage important? What does wearing a panchmukhi rudraksh do? How many kinds of Rudraksha are there? How is Yoga important for us? All these answers and many others can be found in the book by Tanuj Lalchandani.

We all worship different Gods and Goddesses. However, knowing a few things about them can make our lives better. For example, almost everyone worships Lord Shiva. However, how many of us know that offering coconut water on Shivalinga can help us get a life that will be happy and satisfied! Likewise, there are many simple ways given in this book that will help people not only please Gods and Goddesses but also attain peace and happiness in life. There are methods to worship 9 Gods and Goddesses in this book. Among them are Vishnu, Shiva, Hanuman, Bhairava, Lakshmi, Durga, Saraswati, Brahma and Ganesh. By reading this book, you can understand the easiest of the methods to properly worship these deities.

Tanuj Lalchandani, the author of Tatva, Soul & Karma, has been in the practice of spiritually guiding people for almost two decades now. He has helped many people with their problems by telling them very simple methods that they can easily perform. By writing this book, he has simply tried to offer precious knowledge to everyone.

The book has been designed in a wonderful way with glossy pages and high-quality images of Gods, Goddesses and other elements being discussed. The information in this book is very simple and easy to follow but very rare to be known by many. Tanuj’s book makes the simple but obscure knowledge public – if it has to be said in simple terms! For example, what are astrological remedies? What are the forms of it? It has been discussed in details in a dedicated chapter that will help the readers understand these things very clearly. Another important chapter in the book is on Karma. Tanuj has tried to simplify the concept in terms of religious aspects of Karma.

The book is worth having if you want to know how to lead a happy and satisfied life with Gods and Goddesses pleased with your offerings. The author has made it easy for the common people who lack information on religious and spiritual aspects. By reading Tava, Soul & Karma, readers will have the perfect basic information of these things. You can get a copy from Amazon by clicking the link below:

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Tatva, Soul & Karma
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A must-have book for those who want to understand basic religious and spiritual facts. How to worship Lord Shiva to please him? How to remain happy and satisfied with life? How to get rid of debts? All this information can be found in this bo0k!