UNESCO lists documents related to Shakespeare

Shakespeare has the habit to remain relevant in our lives – the habit will continue in the generations to come as well. Shakespeare died but he remains immortal because his creations made him so. Recently, some documents related to Shakespeare’s life have been listed as the culturally significant materials and they have been acknowledged for their international cultural significance by UNESCO.

There are 90 documents to be precise which pertain to the dramatist’s various important events in life – family matters, baptism, burial, records of property and wealth, legal actions, deals related to business and many others. All these documents have been listed on the International Memory of The World Registers by UNESCO. Yet again, we come to know how important is Shakespeare for the world!

The documents listed are very important as they record the signature samples of Shakespeare on various occasions, and also the records of his property will. Some of the documents have been collected from Worcestershire Archives and Archaeology Service.

As UNESCO aims at recognising and protecting the heritage sights, constructions, documents, records (oral and visual), manuscripts, and various other things which are considered by it to be of universal importance, these documents about William Shakespeare are also considered to be very important for the world. To say, these collected documents are nothing less than the Taj Mahal among the documents!

Shakespeare and his life are wide open to the world. However, now as the world recognises his status, it is necessary for us to protect anything and everything which offers us an insight into the life of this giant playwright of all time. The inclusion in the UNESCO register will ensure the same thing and we can be sure that the generations to come will now witness the life of Shakespeare as told by these documents related to him.

by an LN contributor from the source Worcester News