Back to Isolation – COVID is here once again; stay home & read books

Dear literature enthusiasts, COVID-19 has returned with sharper nails and teeth and its mutant variants are even faster when it comes to infecting people. And therefore, it’d better if you stay home, enjoy your time and stay safe. However, we cannot say it for everyone out there. Many have to go out to earn their bread and take care of their families. Still, those who can afford to stay home, please do and save yourself as well as many others. Wear masks. Keep your immunity up.

Well, taking things forward, if you can afford to remain inside, you must find something to keep yourself indulged and busy. If you are interested in literature, by chance, then you can have a good time reading some books that you might have wanted to read for a long time but could not do just because you did not have leisure. COVID has given you another opportunity (I know we hate it… but) to read the books you always wanted to read. And I would rather say that you should use this opportunity to read sensible, good and classic books (at least traditional ones) so that you can think, discuss and debate. For example, isolation is not for reading Harry Potter or Tatto things. Isolation should be used to read non-fiction classics like Osho, Sadhguru, Greene, or even the ones like Matthew McConaughey or Steve Jobs or even Richard Branson. If you are too inclined towards spiritualism or just curious to know how things work or you seriously want to get something about India and its rich heritage, you can read Vivekananda, Yogananda or even Bhagwad Geeta.

When it comes to fiction, you should be very careful. Don’t waste your precious time by reading books that are merely for momentary pleasure – Bhagat, Singh or usual romantic ones. Those are the books that can be read with pants on or off – doesn’t really matter. Read the titles that can give you some moments of afterthoughts, the thoughts that linger in your mind even after you have finished the title you have been reading. You can pick suspense, thriller, unusual or even romantic novels (which are romantic with emotions rather than physical sparks to create the fire of passion).

And, at last, do keep in mind that if you can afford to be home and enjoying books, you should be kind enough to keep an eye on the situation outside and help people as much as you can, with as much as you can and as many as you could reach with your helping hands. It’s the time for survival… don’t fight this enemy which is invisible. Just let it pass and stay grounded… focus on winning the battle and let it have a few moments of happiness. All the best!


Team Literature News
Mask On
Wash your hands
Keep clean
Stay immune