Readers, what kind of book reviews do you prefer?

Read then wrote book reviews

Readers have too much to read these days. Authors have too much to write these days. With many things going around in the world, readers have widened their horizon of ‘allowed or accepted’ reading materials and the authors have also expanded their circumference to witness the materials on which they can write literary pieces. With a wonderful bonhomie between the readers and the writers globally getting stronger and stronger every day, critics have to think a little about their critique and the act of criticism. To further deepen and diversify the discourse, much like Kirkus Reviews, an Indian group of bloggers and noted literary critics have come up with a platform – Read then Wrote.

Read then Wrote believes in the philosophy of a quick yes or no with a few words of insight about a piece of literature and that’s it. The bloggers associated with the literary website, aspiring to become one of the leading book review websites in India, are having well-decorated literary backgrounds with the majority of them having degrees in literature, mostly in English or Hindi. It certainly vindicates the case of their understanding of literature is broader, deeper and better than many so-called book bloggers who review books in terms of cover design, use of grammar and style of publication… naive dictations that don’t have to do anything with literature itself!

Read then Wrote plans to book reviews in just one paragraph and none of the reviews on their website will cross the maximum cap of 150 words. Well, in theory, it sounds wonderful and it will make the readers aware of a piece of function, non-fiction or any kind of book rather quickly. However, is it possible to do so? Indeed, it is. Nevertheless, how will the reviews look? How will the reviews affect the reading choices of the readers? What if a reader wants to know more? There are many questions that will ask for answers in the long run. The platform is in the development phase right now and it will take a few more days to become fully functional. We will try to publish conversations with the team at reading then Wrote book reviews so that readers can know their plans better.

At present, readers do have many choices when it comes to reading book reviews. There are popular platforms like Indian Book Critics, The Last Critic and BookWorm Reviews. There are many book bloggers who blog on their individual websites and there is no dearth of resources. It looks like the books published every year, the number of book reviews platforms has also mushroomed in India and the world and readers have choices to make their choices better… it’s good and critical for the literary fraternity.


By Rupesh for Literature News