Elephants in the Room to be launched in September 2018 – robbers coming!

Suraj Elephants in the Room launch book

What do you think when you see a sea of robbers coming to rob a bank? If you are inside the bank, you might be losing the pace of your breaths and lying on the floor already so that the robbers might have mercy on you. If you are outside the bank, you might be thinking to call the police and get them jailed or shot out. However, what will you do if you are a new recruit to robbery? What will you do if you find yourself surrounded by the real robbers who are in the field for more than 2 decades? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? The same interest will be raised in the upcoming fiction by Suraj Laxminarayanan – Elephants in the Room. The book is scheduled to be released at the beginning of September 2018.

The book is based on the chaos that is born when three different gangs arrive at the bank on the same day to rob it. Nari, Assam and their colleagues in the loot are new and amateur robbers and other two gangs are experts and under an obligation of their lives. So, what would be the scene? Yes, you guessed it right – violence, bloodshed, gunshots and dead bodies are the result.

The book, as the author says himself, takes the readers deep into the psychological layers of the robbers and fear, dismay, hopes and all other emotions that run to and fro have been discussed in details in this crime thriller fiction. Suraj has told in an interview that the inspiration was taken from his readings. He wanted to offer the readers something to read which keeps them caught till the end and also offers them moments of excitement. You can read the conversation here – interview with the author.

The cover of the book loos amusing and it does not provide us with any glimpse into what might be waiting for the readers inside. Many readers (early or beta readers) have found the book very engaging and thoughtful. It is a little longer than usual Indian novels being written these days. It explores the abstract side of crime if I can put it like this.

Are you excited for your September read? Elephants in the Room are coming to take the readers’ city on a rampage. Be ready!


feature desk article by Santosh for Literature News