5 Crime Thriller Novelists from India You MUST Read

5 best thriller authors from India you must read

Indian Book Industry has become versatile and very competitive. It has become tough for the new authors to find their footings. It has, in turn, also become tougher for the new and old readers to find their best books. Yes, competitive for the authors and for the readers as well – one has to establish himself and one has to find what best suits him. Is it good? In one particular sense, yes. It’s good for the widening of the Indian book market. In another sense, it has become weird that many authors are coming with the same ideas and many readers are finding the books by different authors recurring and redundant. They can be influenced; they can be misinformed; they can be wasting their time easily in doing what they did never want to do. And it’s true for the both – the readers as well as the authors.

The purpose of writing this article is to inform the readers. I am writing this for the readers who are into reading crime thriller novels. However, more importantly for the readers who are just beginning and would love to read novels with thrill and excitement and at the same time with some meaning at the core. So, for all those who are interested, I am listing 5 best crime thriller novelists in India that anyone loving fiction must read today!

Chetan Bhagat: Undoubtedly, one has to give the devil its due! Chetan Bhagat might be criticised for many things that he does in his novels, the effect that he creates on his readers is unmatched! He is the one to get his readers in a grip and release only when the novel has been left with no more pages to turn. If you are a new reader, you will find his language easy and his novel amazing. if you are a reader with experience, you will only find his lucrative effect – sometimes fading and sometimes shining but still gripping. You can read his novels to get some quick readogasms.
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Ashwin Sanghi: I will keep him on this list because Ashwin Sanghi is an author who understands his readers – the loyal ones and also the new ones. He mixes the modern style of narrative with the classical style of story-building and delivers the best thrilling novels that can keep conscious-pricking the readers for a long time. If you haven’t read Ashwin Sanghi’s works till now, it’s the time you should be doing so!
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Ravi Dabral: A relatively new name on this list but the author deserves to be here! He has written only one novel till date and that’s a bestselling one titled Greed Lust Addiction. There is crime. There is thrill. There is resolve. And there is poetic justice. However, more than that, the author has also tried to fuse some ‘Indian’ elements with the flow of his novel and that makes the work even more appealing to a certain section of readers and that’s the element which makes me surprised. Greed Lust Addiction is a novel that will be interesting for many readers!
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Vineet Bajpai: An author who has appeared on the scene very much in the line with Amish Tripathi and Ashwin Sanghi, Vineet has done somewhat the trick done by Ashwin and Amish. He has mixed the ancient with the modern and approached it with a contemporary glass to offer to the readers what they love reading. His novels are thrilling and full of excitement and that’s why they sell more and better. You can also enjoy reading his novels by getting your copies from Amazon India.
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Amish Tripathi: How can we keep this author out of any list we create in the Indian context today? Amish has achieved what authors dream of! His books offer a gripping tale from the past retold with a modern and adventurous attitude. This is what the readers love and that’s why he sells large. If you haven’t read any of the novels by Amish, you are the lucky person to have all that experience from scratch! Go for it!
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Literature News will be back with more lists consisting of author and books. Keep reading.

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  • I had reservations about Ravi Dabral when I first read this article but after reading his debut novel I am very well settled. Thanks for bringing out about this guy. He will go deeper I am sure.