Sujith Balakrishnan records the horror of Suryanelli rape case in his book

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There are occasions when we are just bound to rise and appreciate something we see in front of us. In terms of books as well, we have to applaud, appreciate and praise open-heartedly what we read at times that can be termed just amazing and extraordinary. Already written two books, collection of short stories, in Malayala, Sujith Balakrishnan has made his impressive debut in English writing with his novel The Chronicle of Golgotha Days – a novel based on the real story of horror, torture and injustice – the Suryanelli rape case of 16-year-old girl that involved high-profile people from different walks of life. In his very debut novel, author Sujith Balakrishnan has shown maturity with the narrative that was always going to be challenging for any novelist. The story progresses in a first-person account and we, as the readers, know the story from the protagonist herself. Narrating a story based on true events and also letting the victim herself be the narrator – Sujith has played well with this challenge.

Writing Style:
There is not much to monitor just after the first book by any author. However, as two more of his books in Malayalam have already published, we can certainly discuss the writing style of Sujith.

“The rain in Kumily was nothing special, but felt like a breath of fresh air to every human it fell on.”

He is an author who likes to play with the order of words. In the lines above, you can almost read the poetry but the context will certainly surprise and astonish the readers. He has written very effectively about a girl of 16 who was first betrayed and then compelled to become a prostitute. The author has used ‘looking-into-the-past’ style and has used it with a good outcome.

Sujith believes that writing gives him a satisfaction that cannot be explained. And if he doesn’t write something, he feels a kind of void has taken over him. Not writing makes him feel like losing something that he has accumulated all his life. And that can be a case we see a kind of passion in his writings – shorter or longer ones.

Language is very effective to keep the readers in a state of sympathy for the protagonist. It’s simple but evoking and very connecting. Moreover, the division of chapters also shows the creative strength of the author. The characters have been inspired by real-life sufferers and real-life villains.

Personal Life:
Sujith Balakrishnan was born in Kerala and completed the degree of engineering from Thrissur Government College. He also completed his MBA from Symbiosis before leaving for Muscat and then eventually to Dubai where he works right now.

Books by Sujith Balakrishnan:
Flowing like a river (Puzhayozhukum Pole – original title) – 2010
Bahubaali – short stories collection – 2012
The Chronicle of Golgotha Days – 2019
Unnamed Novel in progress to be published in 2020 (expected)


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  • It’s really nice to see that author like Suraj Balakrishnan has dared to break their silence. This is such a horrifying rape story. I am eager to read his novel as soon as possible.

  • Honestly, I was not aware of this horrifying incident happened in the late ’20s. After reading your article I just searched it on google and I was ashamed to see this. How terrifying incident this was. I am looking forward to reading your book whether you have spoken up against these some big names or not.