5 Indian Women Authors You Should not Ignore! A List

5 Indian women authors you should not ignore

It is a usual trend to name the most popular ones when we discuss anything. However, this trend, sadly, ignores the ones which are trending, emerging, and creating the buzz. Now, coming with this trend to the literary thoughts, one may be dismayed to learn that many new authors emerge only to be ignored by the majority of the readers because either they are not popular or they are relatively new. Is this a good thing to do? Should we discriminate Indian authors on the basis of their entry into writing? No. We should base the pillar stones of our judgement and opinions on the foundation of intellectual evaluation of these authors by reading what they write. 

In the contemporary literary scenario, India has produced so many women writers who have made their names and gained popularity and readers through their writing skills. Today, we will discuss five Indian women writers in the contemporary age who are famous or not so famous but certainly make an impact upon your mind when you read them.  

Nikita Singh: She is a best-seller author and she has written more than ten books already. Her writings are primarily focused on the modern lifestyle of young couples. The storylines in her novels usually fall in the basket of romantic and erotic. However, the characters that Nikita Singh creates are easily relatable and that’s the reasons she can easily penetrate the psyche of young readers. Her all-time best-selling book is ‘Someone Like You’ that has portrayed the picture of usual college lovers’ story that hovers like a cloud of uncertainty without any direction and destination. However, it’s the art of her storytelling that can make even the most complicated stories easily digestible among the readers. She is certainly not the best out there but she cannot be ignored, that’s true! 

Savi Sharma: Savi Sharma claims to be the first self-published female bestseller author. Her writings are a little different than the ongoing league of erotic stories. She writes to inspire and give strength to the readers to build mental soundness. She has once said, “I would add romance and love in my writings but it won’t be for marketing. It would be because love is what we all need.” However, when she started to gain popularity, she has forgotten her own words choose to write so-called romantic novels without any real romance. Her all-time best-seller novel is ‘Everyone Has A Story’. Savi writes just a little different but her fan following makes us not a candidate to ignore. She is certainly one among the most recognisable women authors in India right now. 

Sameen Rashid Khan: The name must sound new to many of the readers here. However, this young author has attracted my attention because all of her publications until today are different in nature. She did not stick to exploring only one aspect of writing fiction. Sameen Rashid Khan is an author who has the talent to narrate a disastrous story of a best friend’s suicide and what impacts it might bring into someone’s life. She is a poet who can muse about the phases in her life that have troubled her the most and also the rays of hope that have kept her going. Her short story collection, A for Ambiguity, tells various tales of life with certain Kafkain twists that lead the readers to a nowhere land. Her novel is entitled The Aftermath – A Suicide Story, and her poetry collection is entitled Mostly Me. She is relatively new to the writing industry but she is someone whose books are to be read and enjoyed.

Preeti Shenoy: She is on the list of the top five highest selling authors in India. She is also on the long list of Forbes most influential celebrities in India. She is not only a novelist, but she also writes poems and short stories as well that have been published in several reputed magazines. She is the perfect example of how a novel can be romantic and provide a wonderful message at the same time in the Indian context. She does not end her novel only on romantic notes and rather digs deep into the real problems and tries to come out with a perfect solution. She writes on some serious issues like marital rape and bipolar disorder. These are the things you seldom find appearing in a contemporary Indian author’s books. She tries to bring her fiction at a halt on a concluding and convicting position which is a good sign for the readers. 

Kavita Kane: I bet that many readers who are reading this article must not have heard the name of Kavita Kane. She is best known for her mythological fiction writing. Her debut novel ‘Karan’s Wife’ was a bestseller. She has quit her job as the editor to devote her time to be a full-time author. It is quite a common fashion to write about anti-heroes from Ramayana and Mahabharata and to justify their wrongdoings. Kavita Kane has done the same in her work ‘Karan’s wife’ where her wife was a mere tool to justify the wrong works of Karan, as the author suggests. However, her writings are flawless and told in a unique way and that’s why she features here on my list! 

So, dear readers, it was my list for the day and I am sure you must have enjoyed reading about the women authors who make an impact today. I will keep visiting you with more lists like this. 

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by Amit Mishra for Literature News