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Anitha Rathod children author

Anitha Rathod is one among the leading and established children’s authors in India today. She has been producing some quality literature for kids in recent years. Her books are focused on providing interesting and entertaining content for the younger generation. Moreover, she also focuses on employing the resources that are available in our tradition and culture – the long-living Indian heritage. And in the same direction, her latest work has been published – Why do we celebrate Holi? Decorated with beautiful graphics and the story behind the celebration of Holi, the book has become a popular piece among the kids and their parents.

Anitha has been into full-time writing for long. After being in the corporate sector for almost a decade, she decided to put an end to her career as a corporate employee and begin a new inning in the field of literature. However, as many have done in the past, Anitha did not choose to write some quick to fame literature involving young adult material. She chose to write for the audience who need quality literature the most – children. With her content and vision, Anitha is today seen as one of the leading and famous children authors from India.

Anitha Rathod believes that writing for children comes with a responsibility that is always more than writing for adults. She is herself a reader and likes reading the likes of J. K. Rowling, Peter Reynolds and Priya Narayanan. She says:

“I admire the writings of Peter H. Reynolds, J.K. Rowling, and Priya Narayanan. Their work is truly inspiring and motivates me to be my creative best.”

On general nature of her writings, Anitha believes in keeping it simple and fun. She works towards creating imaginative literature for children that can be easily understood and enjoyed by the younger audience of her. In her own words:

“My writings are mostly imaginative and fun. Stories must resonate with today’s readers and should be easy to comprehend. Therefore I try to keep my stories simple, fun, distinctive and full of fantasy. My goal is to help kids express themselves better, understand their feelings, and see the world differently through my books.”

Until the day, Anitha Rathod has written many children books. Those are:

  • Shelly’s Stocking Goes Missin
  • Messy Bun Princess
  • Why we celebrate Holi?
  • The Story of Dussehra and Diwali
  • Ramadan – My First Fast
  • Mouse Princess and Space Animals (new age Panchatantra)

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  • Very good! The books seem interesting by the title and I will certainly explore them on Amazon. Good to see an author from India writing passionately for children. We do need our ideals and heroes!