Asmit Rathod – author of Life is a Bitch – giving value to human relations

Author Asmit Rathod Life is a Bitch

Indian English fiction has always given space to the ‘new’. Be it new writers, new themes, new plots or anything new – new has always been appreciated in Indian literature. With a very new concept, almost a dreamy plot where a journalist meets someone very special driving a truck, Asmit Rathod had made his entry into Indian English fiction with his debut title – Life is a Bitch in 2015. His entry, though appreciated by readers and critics, could not come to the fore. His style, his plot and very important message that his novel delivers almost went unnoticed. Almost four years now and we bring you a few interesting facts about the author – Asmit Rathod.

A citizen of New Zealand now, Asmit was born in a city of Daman in India. Of course, like most of the authors in India (except a few), he was also born into a middle-class family. And almost like every good-author-to-be, his father also got him into the habit of reading books since an early age and that is continued as well. Asmit thanks his father for showing him the path.

A believer in learn and share, a practical theory, Asmit Rathod writes fiction – in both forms, prose and poetry. Also interested in writing Gazals and Shayaris, he often finds time to enter into Kavi Sammelans and Mushayras whenever he is in India.

Asmit believes that human beings tend to complicate even the simplest things in life. In his own words:

“My source of writing is life in general and human relations in particular. It captivates me to see how human relations are so simple yet we tend to make them so complicated. And Whatever feelings I go through by observing such incidents, I try to express it in my writing-in prose and poems both.”

And this is what you find in his debut novel, Life is a Bitch. If you want to get that novel, you can get from Amazon India – click here to buy.

At present, Asmit is working on two new projects in writing. He is writing a novel titled “Incomplete Manuscript” and also a horror movie script titled “Anhoni”. Yes, the author is also looking to make inroads in Bollywood industry – where most of the authors want to see themselves in future – what can better than seeing one’s story on screen?

When asked about the present state of Indian English literature, Asmit’s response was almost the one that we anticipate from many contemporary authors. He believes that Indian social set-up has much to offer and it can inspire many great stories. However, the authors, according to him, are rather being busy in showing something that does not exist. Asmit says, ‘I feel Indian literature should refrain from such dramatics and focus on real life. I am convinced that Indian society provides the world’s best social backdrop to write some world class stories.’

And to a great extent, he is right as well! We believe that many authors like Asmit himself will emerge in the times to come and would write the stories inspired by real events and the simplicity of human lives.


story by Ravi for Literature News