Gaurav Upadhyay: a contemporary author enriching Hindi Literature with relevant works

Gaurav Upadhyay author book Hindi literature WRITER

Hindi literature is taking a wonderful shape. Yes, there are unwanted mutations as well. However, in an overall, objective and unbiased view, Hindi literature is getting its popularity, clout and wide audience base back… slowly but surely. There are contributions made by countless authors and poets. However, the ones who really make a good impact upon readers, the growth of literature and also the language are the ones who will be remembered and respected for a longer period of time… in the course of development. Gaurav Upadhyay, a popular author in the Hindi language and a social media personality delivering wonderful content to his fans and audience base on Instagram and other mediums, is the one who will be the feature of our discussion today.

I came to know about this author after reading his latest book, Most Wanted Zindagi. I read the book and instantly found myself in a connection with the author and his ideas. The style of delivering messages to the readers is also important and Gaurav Upadhyay seems to be excelling in that skill as well. The book has been compiled with young readers in mind and the book delivers what the author might have intended it to do. And this makes the author a successful one in communicating the right way… the talent that many authors should add these days. Gaurav has been simple, impactful, well-connected with the audience as well as entertainment throughout the book.

Other books by the author, a collection of poetry and another in collaboration with other authors in Singapore, are equally stylish and impactful in the substance that they offer. Hindi literature has been on a rise globally and authors like Gaurav are the flag-bearers of this movement. On social media also, you can witness the communication that Gaurav establishes with his readers. You can find some of those posts (in the form of hand-written notes or letters) in the latest book as well.

It’s not easy to talk about complex issues like depression, love, heartbreak and sorrows in life. The author makes these things very light and connects with the readers. Language plays a great role, no doubt. However, the way Gaurav handles his language and mixes it with his ideas and the way he channels his thoughts towards a result are amazing… in both prose and poetry both, the author has been splendid. You can read more about the author on his official website – https://upadhyaygaurav.com/


By Gaurav Shashi for Literature News