Sanjana Kanamarlapudi – only 13 and has written 7 books already! The author kids can read…

Sanjana Kanamarlapudi – the young author of 7 books!

Sensational news in literature is not new. People have literally woken up to fame here! However, today, I am writing this piece to introduce to readers a very young, talented and multiple-books author, Sanjana Kanamarlapudi – she is only 13 and has written seven books, three of which are full-length novels! It is not only surprising but also satisfying to see that there are teenagers like her who are pointing their journeys in a different direction when others are busy with techno gadgets and video games.

Sanjana Kanamarlapudi is a children’s author (as of now) and her books are for readers who are young, school-going, early teens or anyone who can read English and enjoy stories that have science fiction themes, animals, fantasy and a little secrecy about the storyline. The language is mostly light so that enjoyment and reading pleasure can come to the foreground without any trouble for the readers, at all!

Growth as an author:
Sanjana began her publications with a sketch story called Cupcake – The Unicorn. It was written by a kid for fellow kids and enjoyable. Short, enjoyable and appreciable for the effort she has taken. The second, third and fourth books were also for kids, those who love unicorns and dogs. And the fifth, sixth and seventh, the most recent, books are full-length novels that will be enjoyed by anyone who can read English. Yes, the ideal (maybe intended) audience are always early teens, kids and young adults. The Moon Wolf, the most recent book by Sanjana, is a novel that has a wolf as the leading character, Moony, and this wolf has magical, supernatural powers (it can talk to humans in their language) and very convincing leadership skills – the perfect recipe that young readers will enjoy. The sixth book, a novel, offers the story of people who have abandoned earth already because it has become too toxic, cruel and unproductive that human lives cannot sustain here. Two kids from Mars come to visit the earth and make some pleasantly strange discoveries. Bella Clarke and The Cave of Mysteries is loosely an innocent remodelling of J K Rowling’s Harry Potter with female leads at the centre and has surely come out alive… readers will enjoy it no doubt! So, it can be traced that Sanjana’s writing has been reaching a destination where she can think on her own, develop narratives, bring storylines alive and create fiction that anyone would appreciate.

Personal Life: 
She was born to her Indian parents in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 2009. Not surprisingly, she loves animals and would like to become a veterinary doctor when she grows up. Her personal interests and likings are often reflected in her works. She has many other skills that fascinate her other than writing. She is into singing, dancing and painting. However, at this time, she is focused on writing and wants to write more books that can offer her readers not only enjoyment but also ideas that can help them grow into better persons with empathy and understanding of things and living beings around them.

You can read Sanjana’s books by getting copies from Amazon India or in any other country in Ebook or Paperback format.


By Alka for Literature News