Why Goodreads is the most important platform for authors today? An analysis

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Started in 2006, Goodreads has come a long way in recent five years. Not only for readers who enjoy reading books, discovering what others are reading and preparing their fantasy book lists, but this platform has also attracted authors globally. If you are a writer, whether established or emerging, and you are not registered on Goodreads yet, you are missing a big part of your writing journey. Many authors, from celebrities to the one who has written a self-published book with piles of the unsearched title in his bedroom, have joined Goodreads and many more will be joining soon. It gives you, as an author, instant access to your kind of audience. On Goodreads, an author can engage with his or her readers, provide updates about upcoming projects, participate in discussions about own books, answer questions asked by curious readers and with all these activities comes an edge that helps a writer in growing the reader base, keeping in touch with loyal readers and become more and more popular! So, why don’t you join Goodreads now, aspiring writer?

We have analysed a few authors on Goodreads and we are sharing the results with our readers here. If you are someone who is thinking to write a book in the near future, better be prepared to amend your plans and include Goodreads as an important factor.

More activity means more followers on Goodreads. If an author is active, sharing updates about books, writing blogs about books and writing projects, replying to the comments made by readers on the book, participating in discussions about the book and also engaging with other authors, there are high chances that many followers (who are actually very sophisticated readers) will connect with that author. And, eventually, more readers following an author means more exposure for the book published and about to be published!

We talked to the authors who are not very active on Goodreads. Their perception of the platform was rather dull and they did not even try to explore what it could bring to them. On the other hand, when we talked to a few highly active authors on Goodreads, they were very excited about the platform and the opportunities that Goodreads may bring to new as well as experienced authors. Most of the active authors on Goodreads know that there is no better, bigger and engaging platform for authors and readers on the internet than Goodreads… and therefore, a serious author must mint it to the benefits!

So, are you ready for the new experience? Or, are you already enjoying the benefits of Goodreads? In any case, our best wishes for the adventure! Do remember that readers on Goodreads are serious about their choices, concerned about literature and very excited to read new books, meet new authors and they tend to like the ones who are open-minded, ready to indulge in conversations with the readers and open to suggestion, critical opinions and feedbacks.

You can join Goodreads as a reader and also as an author. However, your author profile needs to be verified and validated by the team at Goodreads. You can get it done very easily by following the steps on the website itself.

By Amit for Literature News