Shawn Vij – an author inspired by a meeting with The Dalai Lama

Shawn Vij author of moral fiber book business

There is one story, one great story, behind everything we see or know by any means other than a being first-hand (an immediate) witness of the event. Very much per the trend, there is a great story behind the making of any author as well and we get to know the story by the means of an interview we see or read or by reading an autobiographical book or the very autobiography. And believe me, knowing the story behind an author may be a better experience than knowing the author himself or herself, at times. So, today, I am discussing the story of Shawn Vij, an author who has been a reputed business leader and how has turned into a motivational speaker and a coach who teaches business individuals to be themselves rather than being robots without human emotions. What’s the story behind Shawn Vij’s journey as an author?

Shawn Vij writes in the introduction section of his book, Moral Fiber: A Practical Guide to Living Our Values, about his first meeting His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, and how he felt about it – sadness and happiness at the same time and all to the extent that he could not assess his state. This one meeting, he writes further, changed his life forever and he started seeing things with more clarity and more objectivity. As a result, he came up with the idea of sharing his personal experiences as a business leader with the world, especially those who work in the corporate sector. A big call… in Shawn’s life, occurred when he realised that his achievements, success, milestones did not count as much as he thought. He had to compromise what he actually was and it was something that Shawn could not gather to tolerate after his interaction with The Dalai Lama and his frequent studies into Buddhism, the philosophy of life and personal assessment.

Shawn Vij left his illustrious career of over 25 years for what he really wanted to do in life – seek enlightenment and understand one’s true nature, core values and real human ethos. He writes about these things in his book which has certainly become a bestseller among the readers of various sections. The readers from the business background are liking his book more because of many reasons and the one that Shawn has given himself in the book, the book is for those who feel trapped in their business suits… do we become different persons than ourselves when we wear the business hat?

Shawn’s journey as an author, which just began unexpectedly after a meeting with Dalai Lama, the global Buddhist monk, has become fruitful for not only him but many others who want to understand life beyond the usual routine of work-home-work-home-weekend… it is the story of 90% of us and it has to be this way unless we find that there are some ways we can save our souls and remain who we are even under difficult circumstances. Are you ready to explore those methods? You might have to read Shawn’s book and interact with his text in order to find what’s in the store for you… All the best!


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